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Dear Parent 
kindly check the head (ANNOUNCEMENTS )  daily.

Dear Parent 
Kindly go through the uploaded PDF in (ANNOUNCEMENTS) of Routine Environment Cleaning and Housekeeping protocol for residential areas.
This will help you and guide you to maintain a clean and safe environment around you and your home.
We also suggest you to take more and more hot fluids,stay inside,spend quality time with your kids and family.
Stay healthy and protected.
Team Bhartians.

Dear Parent
1.In the wake of covid-19 pandemic.We are sharing some enrichment full activities in the form of videos,worksheets,circulars,checklists etc.on the ERP and website both .
We request you all to kindly go through them,involve yourself,motivate and engage your child during this time and make it worthy.
Also prepare a folder of your child's work sothat his or her work would be easily submitted when the school will reopen
Stay Happy and Stay Safe 
Team Bhartians
2.From today onwards all the videos and links will be uploaded in the head ANNOUNCEMENTS.Kindly check the head Announcements  daily.

Copy of VIDEO-2020-03-25-14-31-20.mp4

Dear Parent 
Kindly check the Maths practice worksheet in PRACTICE WORKSHEETS

Dear Parent 
Kindly ensure that ward utilizes time by watching the  shared video and practicing the uploaded worksheet.

Dear Parents
Kindly go through the following video for some exercises to do with your ward as engaging in extra curricular activities is a great way to nurture your child's hidden talents and utilizing their time effectively.


Dear Parents
Kindly go through the following link for safety measures against COVID-19