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Maths NB- Clock- Introduction
Eng NB- L-13 Extra Questions Answers
EvS NB - Months of the Year
Hindi NB - Kriya
Music- More Love
Maths- Read pg. 119
Vyakaran- Do Q2  pg.111
Eng- Learn c.w.
Note- Bring 1 black and 1 yellow origami sheet,silver star stickers 
         ,one small circle moon made of foil paper , fevicol , Activity File
           on Wednesday 11.12.19.

Vyakaran- Page 32,33
Maths- Read page 119
EvS- Pg. 89
Eng NB- CR- Christmas
Hindi NB - L-13 Word meanings
Drg NB - Armed Forces Flag Day
Unnati- L-13 Pages - 107,109
Unnati- Do pg. 110
Evs- Do pg. 82
Eng - Learn c..w.
Hindi- H.W. in the NB. - पाठ- १३ 
वाक्य बनाइए |
१. सपना
२. कहानी
३. बौना
४. सैर
५. परिवार
६. वादा 
७. महल 

Eng NB- Prepositions
Hindi NB - L-12 Question Answer pg 95 Q 3,4,5
Maths NB- Calendar - Fill Ups
Eng Gr.- Page 86
Drawing Competition
Eng Gr.- Read pages 85,86
Maths- Learn c.w.
Eng- Learn c.w.
Note- 1. All Saturdays of this month are working.
           2. Hindi Recitation postponed for Monday 9.12.19.
           3. G.K. Oral Assessment to be held on 17.12.19
           4. Computer Skill test to draw clock in MS Paint and typing 
               using different fonts and colours in Word Pad in the last week of December.
                Topic- Write 7-8 lines on " Christmas " and " Ways to be kind to others"
          5.Books for Saturday-Maths,Vyakaran,Unnati
          6.NBs For Saturday- Eng,Hindi,Drg. 

Eng Gr.- Read pages 83,84 and done page 85
Maths NB - Calendar reading and Complete the table.
EvS NB - L- 15 Fill up the blanks.
Hindi NB- L-12 Questions Answers 1,2,3 of pg. 95
Junior Maths- Page 118
Eng Gr.- Read pages 83,84 
Maths NB - Paste Calendar in the NB.
ART- Draw " My Favourite Sport" in Drawing NB and bring it tomorrow.
Note- a. Prepare your ward for ART Competition tomorrow 6.12.19
  1. TOPIC- The Sport That I Love- Guide your ward to write morals, slogans                                                                                                                        qoutes or inspirational messages along with drawing related to the child's favourite sport. 
  2. Time- 60 minutes
  3. Things to be brought- Bring Black sketch pens and wax and plastic crayons. 
  4. Drawing sheets will be provided by the school.
            b. Hindi Recitation on Saturday 7.12.19 L-6,10  

Ev.S- L-15 Back Ex.
Maths- Calendar- Fill Ups
Unnati- L-13
G.K- Page 29
D.D- Pages 51,52
D.D- Read Pages 51,52
Unnati- Read L-13
G.K- Learn Page 29

Eng NB - L- 13 Frame sentences
EvS- L-15 Introduction and reading
Maths NB - Calendar
Computer- WordPad
ART - Elephant
Eng- H.W. in the NB.- Frame Sentences- elephant,teeth,grow,jaw,things,mouth,tusk.
Maths- Revise C.W. and read page 118
EvS- Read L-15
Art- Do pages 19,20
Note- Bring GK and DD book tomorrow.

Today's CW
Hindi -NB -Uchit Kriya Shabd likhiye in notebook.
Maths- NB -Calendar - Months of the year with days
Ev.S- NB - L-16 Fill up the blanks.
Daffodils-Introduction of L-13.

English-Read L-13 and do page 69
Vyakran-Read Pg-30
J.Maths- Read Pages 116,117
Ev.S- Learn C.W
Note- Due to the closing ceremony of sports meet the 
dispersal timings for tomorrow i.e 3.12.19 will be at12 O' Clock.

Vyakaran- Page 102 Q.2, page 111 Q. 1 , page 113 Q.1
Unnati- Story Reading pages 101,102 and  Riddles pages 42,43
Maths- Pages 131,132
EvS- Pages 88,89,90
DD- Empathy
Art- Origami Lion
Hindi- Recitation on 7.12.19- L-6,10
Eng- Recitation on 14.12.19- L-5,9
Vyakaran- Do Q3 page 102
DD- Read  pages 49,50
EvS- Revise c.w.
Unnati- Read pages 101,102
Note- Paste Origami Lion on page 27 in the ART Book.

Hindi Assessment
Eng Gr- Short Forms pages 77,78
Maths- Measurement - sums
Eng Gr- Read pages 77,78
Maths- Revise c.w.
Books- Maths,Vyakaran,Unnati,EvS,DD
N.B.- Drg and colours
Note- Tomorrow is a working day. No LBB day.

Eng Gr.- Apostrophe pages 75,76
Maths NB- Measurement
EvS- L-16 Extra Question- Answers
Drg- National Education Day
Music- God Will Make a Way....
Hindi- Revise for assessment tomorrow.

Maths Assessment
Eng- Apostrophe
Hindi- Mera Priye Pashu - My Favourite Animal
Maths- Measuring Capacity - Sums
Music- God Will.....
Maths- Do pg. 132
Eng Gr.- Read Pg. 75
Hindi- Revise C.W.
Note- Bring Vyakaran book tomorrow.

Maths Assessment
Eng- Apostrophe
Hindi- Mera Priye Pashu - My Favourite Animal
Maths- Measuring Capacity - Sums
Music- God Will.....
Maths- Do pg. 132
Eng Gr.- Read Pg. 75
Hindi- Revise C.W.
Note- Bring Vyakaran book tomorrow.

Today's C.W.
Maths - Measuring Capacity.
Hindi - Mera priye pakshi.
Eng - (C.R) Chacha Nehru.

Today's H.W.
Maths - Revise For the Assessment.

English Assessment
Hindi- NB - Visheshan
Maths- Measuring Mass-Sums
EvS- L- 16 Season  
EvS- Drawing - My Favourite Season
Hindi- Revise c.w.
EvS- Read L-16
Maths- Read page 30

Unnati- L-12 Page-100
Eng Gr.- Page 93
Maths- Measuring Mass Page-129

Eng- Revise for assessment on Monday 25.11.19

EvS Asessment 
Eng - Adverbs in NB
Maths- Measuring Mass in NB
GK- Pages 21,18

Maths- Revise c.w.
Eng- Revise c.w.
Unnati - Do pg. 100
Books for tomorrow- Eng Gr., Maths, Unnati, RMK
Note Books for tomorrow- Drawing
Note- 1. Tomorrow is a working day.
      2. No LBB Day tomorrow.
      3. Bring Healthy Snacks.

Hindi-पाठ-12 शब्द अर्थ व वाक्य and book Exercise.
Maths-Add and subtract Length.
Eng Gr- Advebs-Book Pages.
Activity-Beam Balance

E.v.S-Revise for Assessment 

English- Adverbs in notebook.
Maths- Measurement (add and subtract length)
Unnati- L-12 Reading 
DD- Helping Others Pages 44,45
Maths- Read pages 127,128
Eng Gr. - Read pg. 60
Unnati- Read L-12
DD- Do pages 46,47
Note - Bring Beam Balance tomorrow

Maths- Measurement of length
Ev.S- L-14 Directions
English- C.R on books
Vyakaran- Pages 37,38
 English-. Learn C.W
Vyakaran-Do page 39
Maths-Revise C.W

Maths- Measurement of Length
Hindi- Visheshan 
English- L-12 Rhyming Words
Vyakaran- Pages - 35, 36, 37

Maths - Do page - 126.
Eng - Learn C.W.
Vyalaran - Read Pages - 35, 36.

Today C.W.
Daffodil- L-12 and pages 64,65
Hindi- Revision
Maths- Revision
Drg- Today a Reader,Tomorrow a Leader.

Today H.W.
Daffodils- Learn Pg.63 and Do pg. 66
Maths- Revise c.w.
Hindi- Revise c.w.
Books and NBs- Bring according to the time table.
Bring English and Hindi Dictation N.B.on Monday.
Note- Make a beam balance with thread, paper bowl,sticks weighing scale
          and bring it on 21-11-19.

Kindly send Books-Daffodils,G.K
             Notebooks- Maths,Hindi,Drawing, English and Hindi dictation notebooks tomorrow.
           Note - Revision of 14-11-19 will be taken on 16-11-19

Dear Parent
Kindly download the Datesheet and Revision Worksheets of Assessment 2.

Dear Parent
Kindly download the November 19 detailed planner.

Today's C.W.
Eng- Revision
EvS- Revision
EvS- L-14 Answer in one word and Sketch of our school.
Art- Drawing related to Happy Kindness Day.

Today's H.W.
Maths- Revise for recapitulation.
Hindi- Revise for recapitulation.
Vyakaran- Do pg. 105
Note- Do correction work in Dictation N.Bs.
Books- G.K., Vyakaran , Maths
N.B.- Eng,Hindi,Maths,Drg,Eng and Hindi dictation N.Bs.

Today C.W.
Hindi- Revision
Maths- Revision
Special Assembly On GURUPARV

Today H.W.
Eng- Revise for recapitulation.
EvS- Revise for recapitulation.

Books for Wednesday- Daffodils,G.K.,Vyakaran,Computers
N.B for Wednesday- Eng,Hindi,EvS,Maths

Today's C.W.
Hindi- Revision
Maths- Revision and pages 124,125
EvS- Pages 78,79,80

Today' H.W.
Eng- H.W. in the N.B.- frame Sentences - listen,day,donkey,door,pick,talk.
Hindi- H.W. in the N.B.- वाक्य बनाइए - पत्थर , बच्चे , खेल , मज़ेदार , दीवार , जन्मदिन
EvS- Draw a sketch of your school in the EvS N.B.
Maths- Read Pages 124,125
           1. Monday revision will be according to recapitulation syllabus of the day.
           2. Books for Monday - J.Maths, Vyakaran, G.K.
           3. N.B.for Monday- Maths , EvS , Eng , HIndi
Dear Parents
This is to inform you that the school shall remain close tomorrow i.e 08.11.19, Friday from classes 
Nursery to Class 5 on account of MUN Conference in the school premises . 
The school shall run as usual on 11.11.19, Monday 


Today's c.w.
Hindi- Mera Priya Mitr
Eng- Revision
EvS- Revision
Evs- L-14

Today's H.W.
EvS- Read L-14
Hindi- Revise c.w.


Note- Parents are requested to make their ward revise the topics of recapitulation 

schedule according to the date of rejoining after the SMOG break.

Today's C.W.
Hindi- Revision
Maths- Revision
G.K.- Revision
Vyakaran- Page 99
DD- Pages 44,45

Today's H.W
English- Do sentences given in the notebook.
Vyakaran - Do pg. 100
DD- Read pages 44.45
RMK- Read L-5

Note-   Tomorrow is LBB Day
           Bring following things tomorrow:
         1.Indoor games like LUDO,CHESS,PUZZLES,SNAKES AND LADDERS etc.
         2. Drawing Notebook and colours tomorrow.
         3.Rangmanch ki kahaniyan.

Today C.W.
Hindi- L-11 Rhyming Words
Maths- Money - Word Problem- Addition
Eng Gr.- Pages 73,74
G.K.- Pages 24,25

Today H.W.
Hindi- H.W. in the N.B.
Maths- H.W. in the N.B.
Eng Gr.- Read pages 73,74

Today c.w.
Unnati- L-11 and pages 87,88
Maths NB- Money - Word Problem 
Eng NB - Compound Words
EvS NB- Revision - Fill up the blanks.
Computer- L-4
Activity- Purchasing at the Toy Store.

Today H.W.
Unnati- Do Q4 of pg.88 and Q.1 pg. 89 
Eng Gr.- Do pg. 72
EvS- Learn c.w.
Note- Bring Eng and Hindi Dictation Notebooks tomorrow.

Today C.W.
RMK- L-5
Unnati- Pages- 79,80
Diwali Card

Today H.W.
Unnati- Do pg.81
Art- Do pages 21,26

Today's C.W.
Eng GR.- Page 70
Maths N.B- Money- Solve the sums
Hindi- N.B.- L-10 Word meaning and Frame sentences.
Eng N.B.-L-11 Fill up the blanks.

Today's H.W.
Maths- Revise Money
Eng- Learn c.w.
Note- 1. Bring Unnati , RMK , DD books and Maths , Drg N.B. tomorrow.
          2. Purchasing At the Toy Store Activity is postponed and will be held on Wednesday 30.11.19.
          3. Diwali Fiesta Tomorrow ie: 25.10.19---Attire-- Party Dress-- Food-- Home Made Healthy Snacks 

Today's C.W.
Maths-Money-Pages 105,106
G.K.- Pages 42,44
Unnati- L-10
Maths N.B.- Subtraction-Word Problem

Today's H.W.
Unnati- Read L-10 
Maths- Revise C.W.

Today's C.W.
Daffodils- L-11 pages.60,61,62
Art- Page 24
Maths N.B.- Money-Horizontal Subtraction 
Eng N.B.- L-11 Frame Sentences
EvS N.B.- L-13 Fill up the blanks

Today's H.W.
Maths- Do pg. 104
Eng- Do Fun Zone of L-11 on pg.62
EvS- Learn c.w.
Note- 1. Bring one toy with name and price tag and Artificial currency for " Purchasing At The Toy Store Activity" on                        Friday 25.10.19.
          2. Bring Mirrors,Stone stickers,Decoration material, GaneshJi and Lakshmi and Shubh Labh small size                                     stickers,Fevicol,Double sided tape and 2 cut outs of any colour glitter sheets- size - 1 cut out from 1 sheet                      according to the given table with a string hanging over it for Diwali Activity on Thursday 24.10.19.     
                2 A - Kalash Shape
                2 B - Paan Shape
                2 C - Swastik Shape
                2 D - Kalash Shape.

Today's C.W.
Eng- Reading L-11
EvS- Journey of a letter in N.B.
Hindi- Lines on Deepawali
Maths- Subtraction of Money

Today's H.W.
Maths- Do pg. 103
EvS- Learn C.W.
Eng- Read L-11

Today's C.W. 
Maths- Word Problem of Addition of Money and pg.102
Hindi- Chitr Varnan of pg.11 of Unnati and pg. 112,114 of Vyakaran
EvS- L-13 Text Book Question Answers of pg.74
Eng- A virtual visit to The Airport

Today's H.W.
Maths- Revise Addition of Money.
Unnati- Read L-9
Daffodils- Do pg. 58
EvS.- Learn c.w.
Note- 1. Paste 5 Means of communication in Ev.S N.B.
          2. Paste Artificial currency in the Maths N.B.
          3. Discuss about the things which can be carried inside the airport. 
          4. Kindly check recatitulation schedule.

Today`s C.W
English- Homophones
Eng.Grammar- Homphones.
Maths- Money addition vertical

Today`s H.W
 Maths- Revise C.W
 English- Revise C.W
English Grammar- Read page 68
 Today's CW
 English-L-10 Fill up the blanks.
 Maths-Add the money.
Computer-  paint with brush ch.4
 Today's HW
 English-Learn CW.
 Maths-Do Pg-98.

Today C.W.
Maths- Money Facts and pg. 99
EvS-L-13 Extra Question-Answers and Page 74
Art- Pg. 15
Vyakaran- Page 69

Today H.W.
Maths- Do pg. 100
EvS- Learn pg.74
G.K.- Do pg. 33
Note- Bring Unnati,Vyakaran,RMK,G.K.tomorrow.

Today C.W.
Eng - L -10 Frame Sentences.
Vyakaran - Pages - 67, 70.
Ev.S - L - 13 Keeping in touch.
Maths - Money introduction and  page - 97.
Daffodil pages - 55, 56, 57.

Maths- Trace any 5 coins and do pg.97
Eng- Read L-10
EvS- Do Funtime on pg.74

Today C.W.
EvS- L-13
Maths- Pages 95,112,113
Activity- Clay Moulding - Solid Shapes
              Origami Aerolane ,Car
Today H.W.
EvS- Read L-13
Maths- Read pages 95,96
Vyakaran- Read pg. 65 and Do pg. 66
 Note-1.Kindly check the assessment 2 syllabus in the head assessment syllabus.
          2.Tomorrow will be PTM from 8.30am - 12pm.
  Time                              Roll No
  8.30am - 9.30am          1 - 15
  9.30am - 10.30am        16 - 25
  10.30am -12pm            26 - 41

Today's C.W.
Eng Gr.- Pages 52,53
Hindi- L-9 Ques Ans
DD- Pages 41,42
Eng N.B.- Comparison- Fill ups.
Unnati- Pages 74,75

Today's H.W.
EngGr.- Read page 53
Vyakaran- Do pg. 105
DD- Read pages 41,44
Note- Bring one origami sheet tomorrow.
 Kindly check the assessment 2 syllabus in the head assessment syllabus

Today's C.W.
Computer- Practical- Festival's Name
Maths- Solid Shapes -Mental Maths 
Eng- Comparison- Pg.52
EvS- L-12 Fill up the blanks.
Hindi- L-9 Word meanings and frame sentences.

Today's H.W.
Unnati- Do Q1 on pages 74,75
Maths- Revise c.w.
EvS- Learn c.w.
Eng Gr.- Read page 52
Note- Bring clay, Activity file, colours , fevicol, two small rectangle cut outs for activity on Friday11.10.19.  



                                         Date & Day – 5.10.19 SATURDAY


 A religious and fun filled day full of activities.

Flow for the same


b)    GARBA DANCE - Enthusiastically participation of from class I to V students.

            Attire  -   Lehanga-Chunri or suit (girls)  , Kurta Pyjama with dupatta(boys).

      c)  PARTY TIME – Bring chopped seasonal fruits like apple, pear, pomegranate, etc. ,                   chat masala , half lemon, tooth pick, table mat, steel/wooden spoon, bowl, chef cap, apron, etc. for Non fire Cooking Activity – Fruit Chaat.

      d)  ART TIME – Bring ART file along with colours.

NOTE - No books. Only healthy snacks , water bottle  along with almanac.

Note- Do not use plastic items.

Today C.W.
Unnati- Read L-9
Maths- Revision of Shapes
EvS- L-12 Q.3,4
Eng- N.B.- Was-Were Fill up the blanks.
G.K.- L-35
Today H.w.
EvS- Do pages 65,67,69
Hindi- Read L-9 
Maths- Revise Shapes
Eng Gr.- Revise Adjectives 

Today's C.W
Ev.S - L - 12 ( Question/ Answers)
Hindi - Lines on Dussehra.
Maths - Solid Shapes  ( Complete the Table)
Grammar - Use of was, were Pages - 21, 22.
Junior Maths - Pages - 109, 110, 112.

Today's H.W 
Hindi - Revise C.W.
Grammar - Read Page - 20.

Today's C.W.
Maths- Solid Shapes-Properties of Sphere,Cone,Cylinder
Eng- Lines on An Aeroplane.
Vyakaran - Page- 57

Today's H.W.
Maths- Paste pictures related to Sphere,Cone,Cylinder.
Eng- Read L-10 and do pg. 55 and learn c.w.

Today's C.W.
Evs- Read L-12
Hindi- Paryavachi Shabd
Maths- Properties of Cube,Cuboid.
Eng- Lines on Mahatma Gandhi
Today's H.W
EvS- Read L-12
Eng- Learn c.w
Vyakaran- Read pg. 56
Maths- Paste picture of a cube and a cuboid in the n.b

Maths- Paste pictures related to flat shapes in the n and learn c.w.
EvS- Draw 5 Traffic signs in the n.b.
Vyakaran- Do pg. 56
Eng- Revise Verbs.
Note-1.Do corrections.
         2. Prepare your ward for the group discussion on the shared topics as per the 
        given schedule 

          a. 30 September, 19 Monday
             Plant more trees to keep the Earth Pollution Free.Each one plant one.
             Relate it to Plantation drive 
          b. 1 October, 19 Tuesday 
             Slogans and teachings by Gandhiji 
             Relate it to 150 years of Celebrating THE MAHATMA 
          c. 3 October, 19 Thursday 
             Say No to Plastic and make the Earth Fantastic.
             Relate it to Mission started by Honble P.M Narender Modi  SWACHHTA HI 
             SEWA HAI 
    3. Bring Single Use Plastic for Plastic Dumping Activity on Monday- 30.9.19 and 
       Tuesday 1.10.19

Today's C.w.
Maths- Shapes- Mental Maths
Eng Gr.- Past Words- Pages 58,59
Hindi- Dictation L-7,8
Eng-Verbs-Fill in the blanks
Activity- Show & Tell - Traffic Signs.

Today`s C.W
English Grammar- Page 55,56
Maths- Pages 109,111
G.K- Page22
D.D- Pages 38,39
Ev.S-fill ups of L-9 in notebook
Today`s H.W
Unnati- Dictation of L- 7,8 tomorrow
Note- 1Prepare for show and tell activity of road signs tomorrow.
          2 Bring Hindi Column notebook for dictation.

Maths- Do pg. 109
Eng - Learn c.w.
EvS- Learn c.w.
Hindi- Learn c.w.
Note - Bring RMK,Dew Drops,G.K

Eng gr.- Read pg. 54
Maths- Read pg. 114 and  do pg. 115
EvS- Learn c.w.
Note- 1.  Bring photocopy of Voter Id and one more id like Aadhaar card, Driving Licence,                              pancard, ration card, passport, water electricity bill etc.of each individual in student's                      household who is 18 or above for Electoral Verification Programme  tomorrow 25.9.19                   Wednesday. 
           2. Bring Eng Gr. and scale daily.

Vyakaran- Do Q.2 pg. 108 
EvS-Read L-9
Note- 1. Bring photocopy of Voter Id and one more id like Aadhaar card, Driving Licence,                              pancard, ration card, passport, water electricity bill etc.of each individual in student's                      household who is 18 or above for Electoral Verification Programme by 25.9.19                              Wednesday. 
         2. Bring one Flash Card of Traffic Sign and symbols and describe it in Show And Tell                           Activity  on Friday 27.9.19 

RMK- Read L-4 and do pg. 24
GK- Learn pg. 29
Unnati- Do pg. 69
Dew Drops- Read pg. 35 and do pg. 25

Maths- Revise Division
Eng- Dictation of L-7,8 on Monday 23.9.19
Dew Drops- Read pages 22,23 and do pg. 24
Note- 1.Bring RMK and Eng Coloumn N.Bk. on Monday.
          2.Prepare your ward for Poster Making Competition Topic- SAY NO TO PLASTIC
             on Monday 23.9.19 and bring one A3 sheet bordered with coloured         
             tape,sketch pens,oil pastel colours etc.    
          3.Bring Single used waste plastic material like used straws, bottles,         
             icecream cups etc. for Plastic Dumping Activity on Monday 23.9.19.      
         4.Tomorrow is a working day Saturday 21.9.19.  
         5. Bring RMK,Dew Drops,GK book and drawing n.b.tomorrow.

Unnati- Read L-8
EvS- Learn c.w.
Note- 1. Bring RMK and GK tomorrow.      
           2. English Dictation of L-7,8 on 23.9.19    
           3. Hindi Dictation of L-7,8  on 27.9.19

EvS- Do Q.4,5 on pg.54
Eng Gr- Read pg. 47
Maths- Revise Long division
G.K.- Learn pg. 19

EvS- Read L-10
Maths- Do pg. 93
Eng- Learn c.w.
Note- Kindly prepare your ward for a role play activity on Helpers
           No rental dresses.Bring cutout of tools used by that helper           
           and describe helper in your own words on Friday 20.9.19.

Daffodils- Learn pg. 49Unnati - Do pg. 61Maths- Do pg. 91Computer- Read L-512.9.19EvS- Do pages 28,30Unnati- Do pg. 51Note- Bring 1 A3 sheet decorated accordingly.             11.9.19Dew Drops- Read pages 30,31Maths- Revise c.w.Hindi- Learn c.w.9.9.19Maths- Learn c.w. and read pg.90Vyakaran- Do Q4 of pg.111EvS- Read L-6 and paste pictures of Healthy and Junk Food in your N.B.Note- 1.Prepare your ward for talk show on Importance of Healthy Food on Friday 13.9.19.               6.9.19Daffodils- Read L-8 and do FunZone on Pg. 48Vyakaran- Do Q3 Pg. 105EvS- Read L-6RMK- Read L-3Note- LBB Day tomorrow- Gr.- Do Q.C on page 65Hindi- Learn c.w.Note- 1.Bring Activity File, Pencil Shavings tofees wrappers tomorrow.      2. Bring RMK, GK, Eng Gr.4.9.19Eng Gr. - Read Pg. 64Unnati-Do pg. 59Dew Drops- Read pg. 32EvS-Learn c.w.Note- Dispersal Time on 5.9.19 is 12 p.m. on account of Teachers Day.
Maths-Do pages 83,84
Unnati- Read L-7
Eng-Learn c.w.
J.Maths- Do page 84
English Reader- Read L-8
Vyakaran - Do pg. 60
Maths- Revise Multiplication and do pg. 83
Dew Drops- Read pages 27,28,29
RMK- Read L- 2
Eng- Revise c.w.
Note- Bring Clay, stone bindis, a small box, a small cardboard covered with red coloured  paper for the Ganesha Activity on Monday-2.9.19 
Maths- Do pg.40
Eng gr.- Read pages 45,46
Dew Drops- Do pg. 26
Note- 1. Bring Rang Manch Ki Kahaniyan,Activity File and Dew Drops tomorrow. 
          2. Bring 4 green big bangle size, 4 Yellow small bangle size and 4 orange coin size - circle                 cut outs, Fevicol, Scale, Sketch pens for activity tomorrow.   
Maths- Do pg.82
Eng Gr.- Read pg. 44
Vyakaran - Do pg. 110
Maths- Do pg. 81
EvS- Do pg. 41
Daffodils- Revise Q1 PG. 42
EvS- Read L-82
Eng- Read L-7
 Maths- Revise Tables
Unnati- Do pg. 49
EvS- Paste pictures of different festivals in the NB.
Hindi- Learn L-1
Dew Drops- Read Pg. 20
Maths- Do pg. 77
Hindi- Learn c.w.
Art- Do pg.51
Maths- Do pg. 67
EvS- Learn c.w.
19.8.19Hindi - Learn c.w.
Eng- Read L-7 
Note- Worksheets given.
Unnati- Read L-6
Eng Gr. - Read Pg. 41
Note- Bring Eng Column n.book for dictation on Monday.
Date Subject Topic Syllabus 
 English Dictation L-4,6 20.8.19 
 English Recitation Bed In Summmer  21.8.19 
 Maths Tables 2-10 22.8.19 
 Hindi Dictation L-4,5 23.8.19 
 Hindi Recitation सुंदर  देश बनाएँगे 
Maths- Do pg. 76
Eng - Learn c.w.
Hindi- Learn c.w.
Maths- Do pg.71
EvS- Read L-1
 Maths- Do page 64 and learn tables 2 to 10. 
 Eng – Read L-6 
 G.K.- Revise for oral assessment on Tuesday 13.8.19 
 Note- PTM on Saturday 10.8.19 TIME ROLL NO. 8:30 - 9:30 1 TO 10 9:30 - 10:30 11 TO 20 10:30 - 11: 30 21 TO 30 11:30 - 12:30 31 TO 41 8.8.19Hindi-Revise for Assessment.Note-Bring Activity material for Duck and Scrap book tomorrow.7.8.19Maths- Do pages 54,55Hindi- Learn c.w.Eng- Learn c.w.Computer- Read L-56.8.19Maths- Do pg. 57Vyakaran- Learn pgs. 85,86Note- Bring half yellow paper plate,cut out of duck feet,yellow duck head,yellow feather,googly eye,fevicol,activity file on Friday 9.8.19.- Refer Daffodils pg. Revise for asssessment.Vyakaran-Do pg. 892.8.19Unnati- Do pg. 41 Q2Maths- Do pg.58Eng- Read L-6Note- 1. Tomorrow 3.8.19 is a LBB Day.      2. Bring activity material tomorrow.1.8.19Maths- Revise for assessment tomorrow.Note- Bring 5 A4 sheets of neon shades and fevicol for activity on                     Saturday LBB day on 3.8.19.                .31.7.19J.Maths - Do page - 55.Note- Bring Bindies & activity file tomorrow  for abacus activity .30.7.19EvS- Read L-7 and do pg. 36Maths- Do pg. 36Daffodils- Read L-729.7.19Eng- Revise for assessment tomorrow.Note- Bring activity material tomorrow.26.7.19Tomorrow we have kept Saturday as a LBB Day in lieu of first Saturday of July month.So, Kindly send your ward to be a part of this special journey ie Learning Beyond Books.26.7.19Unnati - Read L-5Eng Gr.- Read pg. 11Note- Bring Diary,colours , colourful clay and one A4 size sheet for Art & Craft activity tomorrow.

Hindi vyakaran and G.K - Revise for recapitulation.
Note- Note- Bring following material for craft activity on Tuesday 30.7.19.
        1.four-four green,orange, white icecream sticks.
        2.paste these sticks slantly on a piece of paper for the base.
        3. four ribbon-flowers or bow  (  use in bouquet)
        4. two googly eyes 
        5.one pink coloured cotton ball or  big button.
        6.half metre black dori or black ribbon.
        7. Fevicol

Eng,Maths,GK- Revise for recapitulation.

Hindi,EvS,GK- Revise for recapitulation.

Eng,Maths,GK- Revise for recapitulation.

Hindi,EvS,GK- Revise for recapitulation.
EvS- Do pg. 25
Vyakaran - Do page 50
Note- Learn the poem
Image result for helping other poem for kids

Eng,Maths,GK- Revise for recapitulation.

EvS,Hindi,GK- Revise for tomorrow's recapitulation. 

Eng,Maths,GK- Revise for recapitulation.

EvS,Hindi,GK- Revise for tomorrow's recapitulation. 

Eng Gr.- Do pg. 38-B
Unnati- Do pg. 35
Sulekh- Do pg. 9
Maths- Do Q2 given in N.B.
Note- Check website for Recapitulation Schedule and revise accordingly.

Evs- Learn c.w.
Maths- Do pg. 52
Eng Gr. Learn pg. 38,39
Note- English Recitation Competition tomorrow(Friday- 12.7.19)
            1. Introduction-1 mark
            2. Content - 3 marks
            3. Prop- 2 marks
            4. Confidence- 2 marks
            5. Voice Modulation - 2 marks.

DD- Read Pages 18,19
Unnati- Read L-4
Maths- Do pg. 51

EvS- Do pages 22,23
G.K.- Read L-7
Hindi- Learn c.w.
Note- 1.Check Time table for books.
           2. Bring all 4 note books daily.
           3. English Recitation on Friday (12-7-19), Topic- Save Water or Save Nature.

Daffodils- Read L-4 
Computer - Read L-1 
EvS- Do pg. 21
Books- Daffodils,Vyakaran , J.Maths, EvS,Art
N.B.- Eng,Hindi,Maths,EvS

Note- Bring following books & notebooks on 8.7.19.
 Books- Daffodils, G.K., Ev.S,Vyakaran
 N.B.- Maths



Kindly check the updated dates for the submission of Holiday's Homework.


Swasthya Vihar

 Dear  Parent

Kindly send the Summer Holidays Homework of your ward according to the updated Subject wise Schedule:














Ev.S,Dew Drops & Art



 Note- Bring following books & notebooks on 1.7.19.
 Books- Daffodils, G.K., Ev.S,Vyakaran
 N.B.- Maths

                                         BHARTI PUBLIC SCHOOL

Swasthya Vihar

 Dear  Parent

Kindly   send  the Summer Holidays Homework of your ward according to the  given Subject-wise  Schedule :




 2 -7- 19















Dew Drops & Art


Kindly   check  the Assessment  Syllabus ,Assessment Date sheet ,Recapitulation  Schedule on the school website.



G.K.- Do pg. 35
Eng- Revise c.w.
Note- 1. PTM Tomorrow FROM 8:30 AM -12 PM. Please be on time and follow the time slot.
                       Time slot
                   Time slot                     ROLL NO.
             8.30AM-9.30AM                       1-15
             9.30AM-10.30AM               16-25
            10.30AM-11.30AM               26-35
            11.30AM-12PM                       35-41
        2.Kindly download the syllabus of Asssessment 1.
        3. Kindly download the Holiday Homework. 

Eng Gr. Read pg. 9
Maths- Revise c.w.
ART- DO pg. 14
Note- PTM on 17.5.19. FROM 8:30 AM -12 PM. Please be on time and follow the time slot.
               Time slot
           Time slot                     ROLL NO.
             8.30AM-9.30AM             1-15
             9.30AM-10.30AM     16-25
            10.30AM-11.30AM     26-35
            11.30AM-12PM             35-41

EvS- Learn L-4
Maths- Revise c.w.
Vyakaran- Do pages 21,25

Eng- Paaste picture of your MOM in the N.B.
EvS- Paste good habits in the N.B.
Maths- Do pages 20,22
Unnati- Do pg. 28

Maths- Do pg. 38
Vyakaran- Do Q5 of pg. 20
Eng Gr.- Read pages 29,30

Eng Gr.- Learn pages 27,28
Evs- Read L-4
Maths- Do page 30
NOTE -1. Assessment syllabus is same as the uploaded syllabus for the month of                           April/May.
            2. Kindly send your wards blood group inthe diary positively tomorrow.

G.K- Do  ch. 12
Ev.S- Revise C.W
Bring Activity Material For Mother`s Day Activity Tomorrow.

English- Dictation of L-3
Ev.S- Read  L-3
Hindi- Do Correction Work

J.Maths- Do page 14
D.D- Do page10
Hindi- Dictation of L-3  on Monday.Send column notebook for dictation.
English- Dictation of L- 3 on 7-5-19 Tuesday.

Note- Kindly send following material for mother's day activity 
          coloured icecream sticks (any colour 15), half meter ribbon, A4 size                          sheet,fevicol,decorative material and alphabetical stickers (3D) on                               Wednesday 8-5-19.

Vyakaran- Do Page 25
J.Maths- Do Page 18
Hindi- Dictation of L-3 on 6-5-19
English- Dictation Of L-3 on 7-5-19
Note-1. Check the April -May planner in the head Monthly Planners
         2.Kindly send following material for mothers day activity.
          coloured icecream sticks any colour 15, half meter ribbon, A3 size sheet
           and alphabetical stickers 3D on Wednesday 8-5-19.

Unnati - ReadL - 3.
Computer - Do C part on page -18. 

English Grammar-Complete Page 25
Dew Drops- Do Pages 5,8

EVS- Make pictures in note book. 
Vyakaran- do page- 23,24

Eng - Read L - 3.
Hindi  - Do correction work.
Maths - Learn tables of 2 and 3.

Cursive-Do pg no.9
G.k-Do Pg no.10,12
Unnati-Dictation on Monday L-2

J.Maths-Do Page no.17
Unnati-revise for dictation L-2 

E.v.s: Read lesson 3
ati: Learn lesson 2 word meaning

Hindi-Prepare for Dictation Lesson-2
Eng[g]- Do pg no-34,35
Note book-Hindi

Maths-Revise Addition for tomorrow test
J.Maths - Complete pg-7,9
Notebooks-Eng and Maths

Ev.S- Read L-3
Books- Ev.S, j.Maths
Notebooks- Ev.S,Maths
Note-    Test Of  Addition Carry over will be on 24-4-19

Sulekh-Do Pg-7.
Vyakran -Do Pg-15,16
Books- English,Grammer, J.Maths,E.V.S
Notebooks- English,Hindi,drawing
Note- Kindly send bird activity on Monday

G.K- Do chapter 2and 4
J.Maths-Do page-9
English Reader- Read L-2
Books- English Reader,Cursive, sulekha

Ev.S-Paste any 4 internal and 4 external organs in notebook.
Art-Do pg 9
Vyakran - Read pages -11, 12
J.Maths - Do page -12.
Books-Vyakran, Daffodils, G.K.
Notebook-English Maths.

English-Read L-2.
Hindi-Draw stick in notebook 2.
Unnati-Do page 20,21.
Note-Bring one cut out of semi circle on A 4 size coloured sheet , googlie eyes,feathers and fevicol for the activity given below tomorrow i.e (16-4-19).

Unnati-Read L - 2 and Learn spellings of L-1 for Dictation on 15.4.19 (Monday).
Art - Do page - 17.
Grammar - Dopage -8.
Notebooks-Hindi (Column),Maths.
Note- Tomorrow is off on account of second saturday

Eng-Learn L-1 for dictation tomorrow.
EVS-Read L-2.
Unnati - Do page - 14, 15.
Books-Unnati,Eng Gr,Computer.
Note-Bring old Access Card tomorrow.

cursive- Do pages 4,5
Vyakaran- Read Page8
Computer- Do q. of recitation of page 11
Books- Vyakaran,,D.D,Ev.S
Notebook- English

Hindi- Learn c.w.
Maths- Do Q1,2 of pg.7
Computer-Read L-1
Books- Computer,Unnati,Cursive,Eng Gr.
NB- Maths,Drg.

Unnati- Learn page 11
Eng R- Dictation of L-1 on 12.4.19
Maths- Do pg. 4 
Books- Maths,Eng Gr., Computer
NB- Hindi
Note- 1. Kindly fill pages 7 to 10 of Almanac and send tomorrow positively.
          2. Kindly fill Access Cards and send it tomorrow positively.
           3. Kindly send Filled Performa Of Private Van Students only by tomorrow                             positively.

DD-Read pages 1,2
RMK- Do pg.8
Books- Unnati,Eng-Gr.,Eng-R, G.K., Computer.
NB- EvS,Maths
Note- Label and bring your 2 photos and your parents photos, glue stick on 
      Monday 8.9.19

EvS-Do pages 3,4
Eng- Learn c.w.
Maths- Do Q5 of page3
Books- RMK,Sulekh,DD
NB- Drawing
Note- 1. Bring 3 bangle size yellow coloured cut outs ,sketch pens, fevicol ,
              activity file for craft activity tomorrow.
          2. Kindly fill pages 7 to 10 of Almanac and send on Monday(8.4.19) positively.
          3. Kindly fill Access Cards and send them on Monday (8.4.19) positively.
          4. Kindly send purple coloured pencil, eraser, 2 sharpened pencils, sharpener,                             crayons,handkerchief, table mat, spoon daily.  

Maths- Do Q1 of pg. 1
Eng(R)- Learn pg.
Vyakaran-Read pages 5,6
Books- EvS,Maths,Vyakaran,Art
NB- Eng,Maths

Books for 4.4.19-Thursday
Junior Maths,Vyakaran Sambodh,English Daffodils

Notebook- Maths