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Hindi- Revise apathit gadyaansh/ Padyansh and kriya
G.K- Revise pages 50,51,54,56,61
Books- Dew drops, G.K.
N.Books -Hindi, English

Eng Gr.- Revise Adverbs,Unseen Passage.
Books- Tulips,RMK,Sc Lab
NB- Eng, Drg.
Note- Bring Balloon Helicopter and star of the week  material from Sc. Kit.

EvS- Learn L-20
Hindi- Revise Visheshan-Adjectives,Janvaron Ke Naam- Animal Names
Books- EvS,G.K.,RMK

Eng Gr.- Revise Compound Words and Prepositions.
Maths- Revise Patterns
Books- RMK,Sc Lab,Tulips
NB- Eng, Maths
Note- GK oral test on 20.2.19

EvS- Learn L-19
Hindi- Learn L-16
NB- EvS, Hindi 

Maths- Revise Solid Shapes and tables 6 to 10
Tulips- Learn L-16
Books- Vyakaran,MM , Tulips,GK
NB- Maths,Eng.
Note- Revision planned from 18.2.19 to 23.2.19 will start from 13.2.19 as given below.




Subjects & Topics



EvS- L-19 How A Letter Finds Its Way                                                                     



हिंदीपाठ १६ स्वछता का महत्व



Maths- Patterns



English-Compound Words, Prepositions



हिंदीविशेषण, जानवरों के नाम



Ev.S.- L-20 How We Travel



English- Adverbs, Unseen Passage



Gk- Pages- 16,17,18,27,34



हिंदीक्रिया  , अपठित गद्यांश / पद्यांश



Gk- Pages-50,51,54,56,61



English- Conjunctions, Unseen Poem




Hindi-Learn L-15.
EVS-Learn L-9
Books-Eng Gr,EvS,Tulips
Note- Kindly Paste Assessment -III Syllabus in diary.

Tulips- Learn L-13
Maths- Revise Measurement
NB- Eng,Maths,Drg.

EVS-Learn L-18.
Hindi-Learn L-14.

Tulips- Revise L-14
Maths- Revise Calendar
Books- Palash,j.maths,Vyakaran
NB- Eng,Maths,Drg

EvS-Revise L-17
Hindi-Revise L-13
Books- DD, Vyakaran,Palash
NB- EvS,Hindi

Maths- Revise Time
Eng- Revise L-15
Books- DD,Vyakran,Maths, Computer
NB- Eng, Maths

Eng- Revise c.w.
Books- DD,Science Kit Lab Manual,RMK
NB- Drg,Hindi 
Note- 1. Bring Colours and omni car activity from science kit.
           2. Recapitulation  will start from Monday 4.2.19.
           3. Hindi Calligraphy Competition tomorrow.

 Dear Parent
         • Kindly prepare your ward for the Hindi Handwriting Competition on 
           Saturday 2.2.19.The criterion of judgment is as follows
         1.  Spellings Copied 2. Formations 3. Neatness   4. Time limit                 
         5. Punctuation

        • Send the given format on A3 size sheet for the competition on 
          Saturday 2.2.19. Format given as follows. 

Eng -Revise C.W.
Books- Eng Gr., Vyakaran,DD
NB- Eng,Drg.
Note- 1.Hindi Calligraphy Competition on 2.2.19 Saturday.
          2. English recitation "Bed in summer"on  4.2.19 Monday.

Hindi- Revise C.W.
Books- DD,Art,Eng(G),Vyakran,Palash
N.Books- Eng,Drg.

Eng- Revise c.w.
G.K- Learn pgs.50,51
Books- Eng Gr., Vyakaran,ART
NB- Hindi
Note- Bring Sketch Pens tomorrow.
Note -Learn poem "gandhi ji ke bander"from palash for recitation test on 31.1.19

Maths- Learn tables
Eng-Revise C.W.
Books- Vyakran, Eng(g)

Eng Gr.- Read pg. 12
Art- Do pages 36
Books- Eng Gr., Vyakaran,Computer, ART
NB- Eng, Hindi

English-Learn CW.
DD-Learn poem on Pg-66.
Books-Cursive,RMK,Vyakran,Eng Gr.
Note:-1.Bring 1 passport size photograph tomorrow.
          2.Bring one pink origami sheet,sketch pens,fevicol,Activity file,flag 
             stickers for Activity tomorrow.   

Vyakaran - Do pg. 106
EvS- Read L-20
Books- Vyakaran,Computer,Maths,MM,Eng Gr.
NB- Eng,EvS,Drg.

Eng Gr.- Read pages 66,67
Hindi- Learn c.w.
EvS- Learn c.w.
Books- Maths,palash,Art
NB- Evs,Maths,Drg.

EvS- Read L-20 
Eng- Learn c.w.
G.K.-Learn pages 16,17
Books- Eng Gr., EvS
NB- Hindi,EvS

RMK- Read L-8
ART- Do page 35
Hindi- Learn c.w.
Books- Vyakaran,EvS,computer
NB- Eng 

GK- Learn pages 56,61
Hindi-Revise c.w.
EvS- Learn c.w.
Books- DD,Palash,Eng Gr.
NB- Eng , Hindi

GK-Learn page 34
Palash- Do page 106
Maths- Revise c.w.
EvS- Learn c.w.
Books-RMK,Computer,cursive ART
NB- Hindi, EvS

Tulip- Read L-13
GK- Learn pg. 28,29
Maths- Revise C.W.
Book- G.K, Tulips, DD
NB- Maths, EvS, Drg.file

Palash- Read L-16 and do pg. 103
Maths- Revise c.w.
Eng- Revise c.w.
Books- Palash, GK, MM, Tulip
Nb- Maths,Eng.

EvS- Read L- 19 and paste an origami envelope in the nbk.
Vyakaran - Do Q3 pages 62,63
Eng Gr.- Read pages 79,80
Maths- Revise c.w.
Books- EvS,Maths, Palash, Eng Gr., Vyakaran
NB- Maths, Eng , Drg.

Dear Parent 
Kindly check the Assessment Syllabus -3.

 RMK-Read L-7
Art-Do pages 25,28
Cursive-Do pages 47,48
Books- J.Maths, Eng(G),Vyakran
N.Books- Maths ,EvS
Note- Revise the December syllabus

EvS-Revise C.W.
J.Maths- Complete page 132
Books- RMK, Cursive, G.K.
NB- Maths, Drg.
Note-Bring one A3 -any colour and one A4 yellow colour pastel sheet bordered with coloured tape, stone stickers,smiley stickers,star stickers,glitter foam sheet number cut outs, one Happy New Year sticker, one 7cm cut out of cloud and write your new year resolution on that cloud,fevicol, sketch pens for activity tomorrow.  

Maths- Read page 130
Eng Gr.- Revise page 87
Vyakaran - Revise Kriya- Verbs
Books- Eng Gr., Maths, MM
NB- Maths, EvS, Hindi,Drg

J.maths- Complete page 128
EvS- Learn C.W.
Maths- Revise C.W.
Books- Art, J.maths, Eng(G)
N.Books- Hindi, Maths

Maths- Do pg.127
Vyakaran-Read pages 30,31
EvS- Learn pages 35,36
Hindi- Learn c.w.
Books- Maths, Evs, Vyakaran
NB- Maths, EvS
Note- Make a beam Balance.

Art-Do page 32
Tulips- Read pages 90,91,92
Hindi- Revise C.W.
EvS- Read L-9
Books- Tulips, Computer,EvS
Note books- Hindi, English

G.K.-Learn page 54
Maths- Revise c.w.
Eng- Revise c.w.
Books- Evs, Art, Tulips
NB- Hindi,Maths, Drg
Note- Bring Christmas Tree decoration material tomorrow.

Maths- Do page 128
Eng(g) Learn pages 85,86
EvS-Revise C.W.
Books- Drg file,maths,G.K.

Hindi- Dictation of L-15 tomorrow
Eng Gr.- Read pages 83,84
Maths- Complete page 126
Books- g.k., Maths
NB- EvS,Eng, Hindi, Drg.
Note- 1. Bring Christmas activity material tomorrow.
           2. Assessment 2 sheets given, Kindly sign and return tomorrow.

Palash-Read L-15 and learn underlined words for dictation on Tuesday 18.12.18. and complete page 98
Eng- Learn c.w.
EvS- Learn c.w.
Maths- read pages 124,125
Books- J.Maths, Eng Gr., computer,G.K.
NB- Hindi, Maths
Note- 1. Bring Christmas activity material on Tuesday 18.12.18.
           2. Make a poster on -" Apne desh ke vikas ke liye aap kya - kya kar sakte hai."
           3. P
TM Tomorrow- 15.12.18 from 9am to 12pm.

Palash- Read L-15
English- Revise C.W.
Hindi- Revise C.W.
Books- Palash, J.Maths, Art  , Computer 
NB- EvS, Eng , Maths
Note-Bring 10 dark green and 10 light green coloured pastel sheet cut outs of hand, hollow thick paper plate (full sized),fevicol,one red coloured gift ribbon bow ,red stone stickers and red pom-pom balls for the christmas activity on Saturday 15.12.18

Maths- Revise Solid Shapes
Books- palash, g.k , Art
NB- Eng , Hindi, Maths, Drg.

Tulips- Revise L-14
Palash- Revise L-14
EvS- Read L-7
Eng- Read pg. 78
Books- EvS, Tulips, Maths
NB- Eng, Hindi, Maths

Eng- Recitation of L-8 tomorrow.
EvS- revise L-15
Hindi- Learn c.w.
Books- Maths, Tulips, DD
NB- EvS, Maths

Cursive -Do page 44
Science Manual- Do page 30,32
Books-Mental maths, Computer,J.Maths
N.Books- English,Hindi,Maths

English- Dictation of L-14 on Monday.
English- Learn C.W.
Maths- Revise solid shapes
Books- RMK ,Dew drops, gk, cursive
N.Books- Drawing file
Note- Tommorow is working
          2. Bring "Tools people use " material from your science kit.

Maths- Revise C.W.
EvS- Learn C.W.
Art- Do page 19
Books- English(G),Computer,Mental maths
N.books- Hindi,English,Maths

Maths- Read pages 107,108
Eng- Learn c.w.
DD- Read pages 49,50
Books- Tulips, Maths, GK
NB- EvS, Maths

Tulips- Learn underlined words for dictation on 10.12.18 and L-14 reading test on thursday
Maths- Revise c.w.
EvS- Learn c.w.
Books- Maths, tulips, MM, DD
NB- Hindi, Eng

Tulips- Read L-14
Hindi- Learn new words of L-14 for dictation on 7.12.18 and do page 93 and read L-14
Eng - Learn c.w.
Books- Maths, Eng(g),dd
NB- Maths, EvS

Plash- Read L-14
Computer- Read L-7
R.M.K.- Read pages 35,36,37
Cursive - Do page 41
Books- EvS, Plash,Tulips, J.Maths
N.Books- Maths, English 

EvS- Read L-15 and paste pictures of different types of houses in the n.b.
Hindi- Revise Visheshan-(Adjectives).
Eng- Learn c.w.
Books- Eng(G),Dew drops,Cursive, RMK
NB- Hindi.
Note- Bring Types of houses material from the science kit and science manual.

 EvS- Learn C.W.
Eng(G)- Read page 60
Hindi- Learn C.W.
Books- EvS,English,(G),Computer
N.book- English
Note-1.Make a face of doll using googly eyes,wool for hair and dupatta on head with origami,net etc.
2.Bring one thin A4 size pastel sheet of any colour.
3.One printed origami sheet.
4.Coloured tape,fevicol,stone stickers,one waste cloth hanger covered with black tape.

Maths- Revise for assessment tomorrow.
Books- Eng Gr,Art,Dd
NB- EvS, Hindi
Note - Bring Event Book daily.
2) Make one Indian doll using your own creativity ( Best out of waste / craft / origami etc) and bring it on Friday 
i.e. 30.11.18 

Eng Gr. - Read pg. 77
Vyakran- Read pages- 35,36 .Do page 39
Maths- Draw clocks of time in the nb.- 1:30,10;30,8.30,4:30
Books- dew drops, Vyakaran, Maths
NB- Maths, Hindi, Drg.
Note- Bring Event Book tomorrow.

Eng- revise for assessment tomorrow.
Books- Vyakaran, MM, Eng (G)
NB- Maths

Eng Gr. Read pages 75,76
EvS- Read L-18
Maths- Do pg. 123
RMK- Read L-6 and do pg. 34
Eng- Revise for assessment on 27.11.18
Books- Eng Gr., computer , GK , j.maths
NB-EvS, Maths

Computer- Revise for assessment on 24.11.18
Books- Eng Gr., Tulips, Cursive , RMK
NB- Hindi, Drg.
Note- Bring Event Book from the science kit on Saturday 24.11.18

Hindi- revise for assessment on 22.11.18.
Books-EvS, Art, Vyakaran, MM
NB- Maths, Eng.

EvS- Revise for assessment
Books- Palash, vyakran,mental maths,j.maths
N.Books- English, maths

Maths- Read pages 116,119
EvS - Learn C.W.
ART- Do pg. 31
Books- Maths, computer., EvS, Vyakaran
NB- Eng , Hindi

G.K.- Revise for assessment tomorrow.
Books-Art,Science Manual, RMK, j.maths, Cursive
NB-EvS, Drg
Note- Bring Plant Rubik Cube material from Science Kit tomorrow.

Maths- Learn C.W.
Eng- Read L-16 and learn c.w.
Hindi - Do page 87
Books- Plash,tulips,computer,mental maths, G.K.
N.Books- Eng, hindi,maths

EvS- Read L-17 and paste pictures of any five helpers in the note book
Hindi -Read L-13
Maths- Learn C.W.
Books- Tulips, Plash, Art
N.Books- EvS, English, Maths, Drawing file

EvS- Read L-17
Maths- read pages 117,118
Eng Gr.- Learn pages. 69,71
Books- EvS, Maths, Eng Gr., GK
NB.- Eng , Maths, EvS
Note- Check Practice worksheets and datesheet from the website.
2- Kindly learn the uploaded computer worksheet.
3. The school will remain closed on 13.11.18 on account of Chhatt Puja.

Palash - Read L- 12.
English - Revise C.W.
English Grammar - Read page - 68.
Maths - Write Days of the week in note book.
Hindi - Write 5 lines on Bal Diwas, use A4 size sheet.
Books on 12.11.18 - English Grammar  , Vyakran,  Palash , G.K. and Junior Maths.
Note Books -Hindi and Maths and English.
Note -1. Revise for Assessment II
2. Kindly check the datesheet and practice worksheets of English , Hindi , Maths , Ev.S. and G.K. for Assessment II.

Art- Do page 39
Books- Palash, J.maths,computer, vyakran
N.Books- English, EvS
Note- 1. Eng-Revise adjectives and L-12
           2.  EvS- Revise-L-21
            3. Dear parents the school will remain closed on Saturday i.e. 3.11.18 on account of MUN event in the                     school premises on large scale 
Vyakaran - Do pg. 105
Eng Gr.- Learn pages-72,73
Books- , Vyakaran, Computer, DD
NB- Maths, Eng , Hindi
Note- 1. Fill the given performa online also.
      2. Bring activity material tomorrow.
      3. Maths-Revise Money
         Hindi- Revise Paryayvachi shabd and chitra varnan.

Eng Gr.- Read pg. 72
EvS- Read L-16
Books- Eng Gr., Art
NB- Eng, EvS,Maths, Drg
Note- Eng - Revise L-9 and verbs.
          EvS - Revise L-16.
Note - Bring 2 set of 12 bangles  ( Paste 12 bangles together) , one metre ribbon of any colour, double tape, small electric / gel bowl diya scissor, sticker stones and one small metal bangle for Diwali Activity on Friday i.e. 2.11.18

EvS- Revise C.W./
Books - Art , Dew Drops , EvS
Note Books - English , Hindi and Maths, Drg.
Maths - Revise Division - Horizontal and Long , Repeated Subtraction , Lines and Flat shapes.
Hindi- Revise L-11 and vegetables name

Eng- Revise C.W.
Books- Dew drops, drawing,MM, EvS
N.Books- Eng, EvS
Note - English - Revise Genders , Use of was or were , Picture Composition.
Ev.S. - Revise L- 10.

DD- Read pages 44,45 and do pg. 46
Eng Gr.- Do pg. 90
Eng- Learn c.w.
EvS- Learn c.w.
Books- Tulips, Maths, Vyakaran,Eng Gr.
NB- Eng, Hindi, EvS, Maths
Note- Maths- Revise multiplication word problem.
      Hindi- Learn L- 9,10

Eng-L-12 write down new words in note book
EvS- Read L -14
Palash- Do page 77
Books-Dew drops, cursive, EvS, art
Note book- English

Eng- Read L-12 and draw cover page.
Books- Palash, EvS, computer
NB- Hindi, Eng, Maths, EvS
Note- Eng - Revise Pronouns and L-5.
      EvS- Revise L-8.   

Eng Gr.- Revise was, were
Hindi- Read L-11  and draw cover page.
Maths- Revise pg. 105
Books- Palash, Tulips, j.maths, MM
NB- Eng, Hindi, Maths
Note- 1. Maths-Revise Multiplication and Repeated addition.
      2. Hindi- Revise L-6,8
      3. Make a Piggy Bank.
      4. Tomorrow is off on account of Valmiki Jayanti.

Tulips-Do pg.63
Eng Gr- Read pg.21
Hindi- Learn c.w
Books - Maths , English Grammar ,Computer and Vyakran.
Note Books - English , Ev.S. and Maths.
Note - Revise English - Antonyms, L - 6 and L-8.
Ev.S. - L-5 for class revision tomorrow.

J.Maths- Do pg. 103 and Revise Money.
Vyakaran- Learn pages 56,57 and do pgs 67,68, 70
Tulips- Read L-11 and draw cover page.
MM- Do pages 52,53
Books- J.Maths, Vyakaran , Tulips
NB- Maths, Hindi, Eng
Note- 1. Check Recapitulation Schedule from the website.
      2. Maths and Hindi Revision on Monday 22.10.18

MM-Revise Pg-51,52.
Art-Do Pg-20.
Vyakran-Read Pg-65.
Books-RMK,DD,Computer,Activity file.
Note-1.Kindly bring bangle size cut out of circle (yellow) ,2 googley eyes,cut out of golden glitter sheet crown (according to the size of circle), a kulfi stick,fevicol,sketch pens and activity file for Ravana making activity tomorrow (17.10.18)
          2.Please check website for Recapitulation schedule.

Vyakran- Do Pg. 69
MM- Do pg. 51
Books- Vyakaran,  Maths
NB- Eng, Maths, EvS

Eng(G)-Read pages 36,37
Maths- Revise C.W.
Hindi- Learn C.W.
Books-= Eng(g),    RMK. J .maths,computer
N.Books-EvS, Maths,Hindi
Note -Tomorrow is off

Eng(G)- Read page 52
EvS- Read L-21
Maths- Revise C.W.
G.K.- Learn pages 56, 57
Books- Palash, Eng(g), activity file,j.maths
N.Books- Hindi, Maths, Drg.
Note- Bring activity material tomorrow
(2) Paste assessment 2 syllabus in your diary

J.Maths- Do page 101
Eng- Learn c.w.
EvS- Learn c.w.
Books- palash,Tulips, EvS
NB- Maths,Hindi, Eng
Note- Check website for Assessment -2 Syllabus.

Maths- Do pg.100
Palash-Read L-10 and draw cover page.
EvS- Learn c.w.
Eng- Learn c.w.
Books-Maths,vyakaran, Palash, art
NB- Eng, Hindi, EvS,
Note- Bring 2 thin red pastel sheets, coloured tape , fevicol, 
      stone stickers and activity file for activity on Friday-12.10.18. 

Maths- Read pg.95 and paste artificial money in the n.b.
Hindi- Learn c.w.
Tulips- Read L-10
EvS- Read pages 65,66
Books- Tulips, Maths, GK
NB- Eng, EvS, Maths

G.K.- Learn pages 24,25
RMK- Read L-5
Books- Maths, cursive
NB-  Hindi, Eng 
Note- Kindly check the October Planner.

Tulips- Read L-10 and draw cover page.
Palash- Do pg.65
Maths- Learn pg.111
EvS- Paste pictures of animal homes in the n.b.
Books- Cursive,RMK, G.K.,MM.
NB- Drg,Activity file
Note- Bring activity material tomorrow.

Tulips- Read pages 56,57
EvS- Read L-16
Maths- Revise c.w.
Hindi- Learn c.w.
Books- Tulips,Maths,DD, Palash
NB- Hindi, Maths
Note- Bring 8 ice cream sticks,1 small picture of a dog, crayons, sketch pens ,
          fevicol , Activity file for activity on Saturday 6.10.18.

Plash - Read L-9 and draw a cover page in note book.
Computer - Read L-5.
Books - Junior Maths , Plash , Ev.S. and English grammar.
Note Books - Hindi and Maths.

Eng- Paste your picture and write 10 adjectives for youself in the n.b.
EvS- Learn c.w.
Maths- Revise long division
Eng Gr.- Revise Adjectives
Books-Eng Gr., Maths,  MM
N.B.- Maths, Eng , Hindi 
Note- Tomorrow is off on account of " Gandhi Jayanti"

Hindi- Revise sarvnaam
Books- Grammar, vyakran, computer
Note books- EvS ,Hindi

Eng- Learn c.w.
EvS- Learn c.w.
Mths- Revise tables
Books- RMK,Cursive,MM
NB- Drg
Note- Bring activity material tomorrow.    

Hindi-Revise C.W.
Eng- Revise C.W.
EvS- Read l-13
Books- Drawing file, Computer,dew drops
Note books-English,EvS.
Note- Dear Parent
         • Kindly prepare your ward for the English Handwriting Competition on 
               Saturday 29.9.18.The criterion of judgment is as follows
             1.  Spellings Copied 2. Formations 3. Neatness   4. Time limit                 
             5. Punctuation

        • Send the given format on A3 size sheet for the competition on 
              Saturday 29.9.18. Format given as follows. 

Eng- Learn c.w.
Vyakran- Read pg. 26
DD- Read pages 39, 41
Books- EvS, Vyakran, art
NB- Hindi, Eng

Maths- Revise pg. 93
Hindi- Learn c.w.
Evs- Learn c.w.
Books- Vyakran, EvS, MM, Activity File
NB- Eng, Maths
Note- Bring 1 origami sheet , glue stick , Activity File and sketch pens tomorrow.


Sc.Manual- Do Q 3 pg. 53
EvS- Read L-12
Eglish Read L -9 and draw cover page
Books- Tulips, M.M,Maths,
NB- Hindi, EvS, Eng

Grammar- Learn verbs
Maths- Learn tables 2 to 9
Books- Tulips, computer, M.M
NB- Hindi, Maths, Eng

Grammar- Do page 55
Art- Do activity on page 9
EvS- Paste pictures of meat and insect eaters.
Palash- Do page- 58.
Eng Gr.- Revise verbs
Books- grammar
NB- Hindi
Note- Bring Animal Wheel material and Lab manual from the Science Kit.

Eng Gr.-Learn Pg-58,59.
EVS-Read L-12 and paste pictures of plant eaters.
Maths-Learn tables.
Palash-Do Pg-58.

Hindi- Read L-8 and draw cover page in n.bk
Grammar read page 56
EvS- Read pages 46, 47
Books- Drawing and EvS
N.Books- English, Hindi , Maths

Eng Gr.-Read pg. 54 and  57
Maths- Revise C.W.
Hindi- Revise C.W.
Tulips- Draw cover page of L-8
Books- EvS, Palash, Eng Gr.
NB- Eng 

RMK - Read L-4
Eng -Revise C.W.
Maths  - Revise page - 87 and do page 88.
Books - Vyakran Sambodh , Junior Maths, computer and English Grammar.
Note Books - Hindi and Maths.

Maths- Read pg. 87
Art- Do pg. 23
EvS- Learn c.w.
Eng- Learn C.W.
Books- RMK, Cursive, MM
N.B.- Eng, Drawing file
Note- Bring activity material tomorrow.

EvS- Learn c.w.
Hindi- Learn c.w.
Books- Tulips, MM
N.B.- Eng , EvS
Note- Bring 3 circle cut outs of pastel sheet of any colour - 1 bangle size, 1 
      coin size and 1 quarter plate size, scale, fevicol, sketch pens, activity 
      file for activity on Saturday.

EvS- Read L-11 and paste pictures of healthy habits.
Eng- Revise c.w. and read pages 64,65 of grammar book
Books- Vyakaran , Art, cursive
NB- Hindi , EvS, Drg
Note- Bring clay, dry glitter, fevicol tomorrow.

Hindi- Learn C.W
Maths- Do page 85.
Books- EvS, Maths, M M
NB- Eng, Maths,

Maths- Revise C.W.
English- Learn C.W.
EvS- Learn C.W.
Books- Eng(G), G.K.,MM
Note books- Hindi , Maths
Note- Bring clay on thursday 13.9.18

Dew drops- Read page 32
English- Revise C.W.
Maths- Learn tables 2 to 10
Books- Dew drops, mental maths, G.K.
Note books-English, maths, EvS
Note -Tomorrow is off

Eng- Read L-7 and draw cover page.
EvS- Learn c.w.
Hindi- Learn c.w.
Books- MAths , Tulips , computer
NB- Maths, Eng

Eng- Learn c.w.
Hindi - Learn c.w. and do pg. 50
EvS- Read L-10
Books- Art, Tulips, Palash, mental maths
N.B.- Hindi , EvS   

Hindi- Read l-7 and draw cover page.
Eng- Revise c.w.
Maths- Do pg. 84
Books- G.K, Palash, Activity File.
N.B.- Eng , Hindi 
Note- 1. Bring 1 yellow hand cut out , sketch pens , fevicol, stone stickers for activity tomorrow.
           2. Write 5 lines on MY TEACHER on A4 sheet and bring it tomorrow.

Eng- Revise c.w
Grammar read page 41
Books- RMK, Cursive
NB- Drg
Note- Bring "Food Pyramid" material from the Science Kit and Science Manual.

Maths Do page 81
EvS  Revise C. W.
Hindi Revise C.W.
Books Grammar, j.maths,RMk
Note book English

Maths- complete pg.80
Eng - Reading test of L-3 tomorrow.
Books- Maths, Vyakran, Tulips, Art.
NB- Eng, EvS, Hindi , Drg.

EvS- Read pages 39,40
Hindi- Learn c.w. and learn pages 85,86
Books- Maths, Vyakaran, MM, GK.
N.B.- Maths, Eng , Drg.
Note- Bring Flute making activity material tomorrow.

Hindi -Reading test tomorrow L-2
EvS- Read L10
Books-  Maths, Palash, Vyakran
NB.- Eng, Hindi, drawing file

DD-Read Pgs-19,21.
Cursive-Do Pg-28,29.
RMK-Read L-3.
G.K. -Learn pages -19 ,22.
Note- Bring one A4 brown pastel sheet, stone stickers , fevicol, golden tape, Activity file , Leaf cut - out of different shapes of glitter foam sheets according to the picture given for Flute Making Activity on Wednesday i.e. 29.8.18.

Eng- Learn c.w.
Hindi- Learn c.w.
NB- Drg, Activity File
Note- 1. Bring Activity material tomorrow.
      2. English Story Narration Competition tomorrow.

Eng- Read pages 35,36 and draw cover page of L-6.
Hindi- Make a collage of vegetables in the n.b.
Maths- Learn c.w.
Hindi - Reading test on 28.8.18 of L-2.
English - Reading test on 30.8.18 of L-3.
Books- Maths,computer, Vyakran , tulips
N.B.- Eng , Hindi , Maths.

Tulips- Read pages 33,34
EvS-Learn C.W.
Books- Tulips, J.Maths, Art
 Note books- Maths , Hindi
Note-(1) Kindly check, sign and return assessment 1 sheets on thursday (23.8.18)
         (2) Story Narration Competition on 25.8.18 to be awarded according to the following criteria.
         (a).Introduction- 5 marks
         (b). Prop-  5 marks
         (c). Voice modulation- 5 marks
         (d). Fluency+ Pronunciation - 5 marks
        (3) Activity Material- Bring one bangle size  blue cut out ,2 medium size triangle cut outs of
             sticker foam sheet, half metre red satin ribbon, fevicol, stone stickers for rakhi making
             activity on Saturday.
        4) Tomorrow is off on account of Eid

Maths- Learn  tables 5 to 10 and revise c.w.
Books- Tulips ,mental maths
Note books- Maths, EvS

Maths- Learn  tables 6 to 10
Art - Do activity on page 26,27
Books- Palash, J.Maths,  computer
Note books- Maths, Hindi

NOTE- Bring activity material of non -fire cooking and poster making and Almanac tomorrow.

Maths- Learn C.W.
English- Revise C.W.
Books- Palash, RMK,  computer
Note books- Maths, Hindi
Notes-1.Non Fire Activity Salad Sticks-on Saturday 18.8.18.
  Kindly bring the material according to your roll numbers
  Roll no. 1  - 10     - Diced cucumber
  Roll no. 11- 20     - Diced paneer
  Roll no. 21- 30     - Diced carrot
  Roll no. 31- 34     - Diced tomato.
Everyone will bring apron,chef cap,polythene gloves,5 paper napkins,5 paper plates,a small pouch of 
 chaat masala, 5 tooth picks ,1 frooti , peeled pomegranate , 2 plastic spoons.
2.Poster Making Activity-on Saturday 18.8.18.
   Bring one yellow A4 size sheet, coloured tape, sketch pens, black bold marker, 5 cut out of blue drops
  of water medium size, double sided tape, crayons.
3.English Story Narration Competition on 25.8.18 Saturday.

Hindi- Read L-6 and draw cover page.
Eng - Learn c.w.
Maths- Do pg. 76
Palash- Do page 43
Books- Maths, Eng(G), Drawing file
NB- Maths, Eng

English- Learn C.W. and revise for dictation of L-3
EvS- Learn C.W.
Books- Palash,j.maths,G.K
Note books-Hindi, English

Eng Gr- Read pg. 44
EvS- Read L-8 and make a collage of different seasons in the N.B.
Hindi- Learn word bank of L- 2 for Dictation on 13.8.18
Eng- Learn word bank of L- 3 for Dictation on 14.8.18
Books- Palash, Eng Gr., computer, Maths
N.B.- Eng, EvS, Hindi
        NOTE- Tomorrow is off on account of Second Saturday.

Maths- Do page 71
EvS -Read L-8
Eng- Revise C.W
Hindi- Revise C.W
Books-EvS, Mental maths, Eng (Gr),  j.maths
Note books- English , Hindi

J.Maths- Do page 63
EvS- Revise C.W.
Books- J.Maths, Art,E vS
Note books- English, Hindi,drawing file and pencil colours

Maths- Do pg.61
EvS- Read L-6
Books- Maths, Cursive
N.B.- Hindi, EvS, Maths
Note- Bring activity material tomorrow.

Maths- Do page. 59
EvS- Learn c.w.
Books-  Maths, Palash.
N.B.- Eng , Maths
Note- 1. Bring 1 big square cut out, 1 small triangle cut out of white pastel 
         sheet, 1 blue circle cut out for chakra, 1 metre tricolour ribbon,
         5 earbuds, fevicol, poster colours of - orange, white, blue, green 
         colour,for activity on Wednesday 8.8.18.

Computer- Revise for assessment on Monday 6.8.18
Books- Tulips, Palash , GK, Maths
N.B- Eng , Maths, EvS

Computer- Revise L-1,2
Tlips- Do page 32
Palash- Complete pg. 36
Books- Tulips, RMK , Mental maths
NB- Eng, Maths
Note- Bring Activity material tomorrow.

Hindi- Revise for assessment on 3.8.18
Books- Maths, Tulip ,EvS, Computer.
N.B- Maths
Note- Bring one black A4 sheet, small silver star stickers,a small silver 
      moon shape cut out, crayons,fevicol for activity on Saturday 4.8.18.

Eng- Read L-5 and draw cover page.
Vyakran- Do Q2 of pg.103
Books- Vyakran, Tulips,cursive,Mental maths
N.B.- Eng , Drg

Maths- Revise for assessment
Books- Palash, Tulip, J.Maths
Note books- English, Hindi

Maths- Revise C.W
Hindi- Read L-5 and draw cover page.
Bookd- Palash, Maths,Dew drops
N.B.- EvS, Maths

Eng - Revise for Assessment on 30.7.18
Maths- Do pg. 57
Palash- Do pg.30
Books- Tulips, Maths, Cursive, Computer 
NB- Maths, EvS
Note- 1. PTM Tomorrow.
      2. Bring Acsess Cards for PTM tomorrow.

EvS- Revise for the assessment tomorrow
Books- J.Maths,Computer, Plash
Note book- EvS
Note- General Parent Teacher Meeting will be on Saturday 28.7.18.Kindly follow the given time slot for the smooth functioning.

Hindi- Read L-4 and draw cover page and complete page 30 of plash book.
Eng- Learn c.w.
Maths-  learn c.w.
Books- Maths,EvS
NB- Maths, EvS, Hindi, Drg.

G.K.- Revise for assessment
EvS-Read L-5
Books- plash,dew drops,EvS
Note books-maths,english

Maths- Revise word problem and ascending and descending order.
Eng- Read L-4 and draw cover page.
Maths- Do pg. 55
Books- Tulips, EvS, Maths, GK
NB- Eng, Maths

Eng gr-Revise singular and plural and use of a or an
Hindi-Revise sangya
J.Maths-Do page 53
Books- Maths,tulip,computer
Note books- Eng, hindi ,maths
Note-Check website for G.K and computer revision worksheet

G.K.- Learn Pages 20,43,44,47,48 for oral revision on 21.7.18
Maths- Revise Table of 4,5 for revision on on 21.7.18
Eng- Revise L-3 and is,am,are for revision on 21.7.18
Maths- Do Q5,6,7 of pg.50.
Computer - Revise L-1.
Books- Maths, Art, Computer,GK
NB- Eng, Hindi, Maths
Note- 1.Bring material of pg. 24 ART and fevicol tomorrow.
          2.Bring one towel , swimming costume, a set of under garments and 
             one polybag for Pool Party Tomorrow. 

Hindi - Revise Month's Name and Day's Name for revision on 20.7.18.
EvS- Revise L-4 for revision on 20.7.18.
Eng Gr. - Learn Pages 33,34
Are - Do page 17
Books- Computer, Dew drops ,Cursive
NB- Hindi , EvS , Eng.
Note- Kindly Check Yearly Syallabus from the website.

Eng - Revise Nouns and CR- Animal for revision on 19.7.18
Maths- Revise Comparision - Put Sign for revision on 19.7.18. 
J.Maths- Do page 51
Eng Gr. - Read pages 31,32
DD- Read page 17
Books- Maths, Eng Gr., Art
NB- Eng , Hindi , Maths

Palash- Revise L-3 for revision on 18.7.18
EvS- Revise L-3 for revision on 18.7.18
Eng Gr. - Revise c.w 
Vyakaran - Do pg. 25
Books- Maths, Eng Gr., Vyakran , DD , Cursive
NB- Eng , Hindi , Maths , EvS, Drg.

Maths- Revise place value for revision on 17.7.18
Eng- Revise L-2 for revision on 17.7.18.
Eng Gr. - Read pg. 17
Vyakaran- Read Pg. 22
Books-Maths,Eng Gr.,Vyakaran , G.K.
N.B.- Eng , Hindi , Maths , EvS.

Hindi- Learn vilom shabd and CR- Janvar for revision on 16.7.18
Maths- Learn table oF 3 for revision on 16.7.18
Eng. Gr. - Learn pg. 11
Hindi - Learn c.w.
DD- Read pg. 15
Books- DD, art,maths, grammar,MM
N.B.- Eng, Hindi, EvS , Maths
Note- Tomorrow 14.7.18 is off on account of Second Saturday. 

Maths- Revise expanded and short form
English-Revise L-1 and punctuation
G.K- Revise pages-13,14,58,59,60 for revision on 13.7.18
Books- Grammar, j.maths.G.K.
N.Books-    English, hindi, maths ,drawing
J.Maths- Do page 48
EvS- Draw and colour globe in the n.book
Grammar- Read pages 11, 12

Hindi- Revise vachan badlo
EvS- Revise-L-2
J.Maths- Do page 47
N.Books- English, Hindi ,Maths, EvS, Drawing file
Books- Computer, J.maths, Grammar, G.K.
Note- Bring crayons

Maths- Revise Subtraction with borrow.
Eng - Revise Alphabetical Order.
Maths- Do pg. 42,43
Books- Maths, Art
N.B.- Eng, Hindi , Maths, EvS
Note- 1. Check Dates for assessment 1 from Website.
      2. Prepare your ward for Drawing Competition on Thursday 12.7.18.
         Theme - Indian Soldiers. 
         Bring Colours and black sketch pen.

Maths- Revise Addition for revision on 10.7.18
EvS- Revise L-1 for revision on 10.7.18
Maths- Do pg. 45
Books- GK , DD, Maths, Tulip
N.B.- Hindi , Eng , Evs , Maths.

Sc.Lab- Read pages 2,3
EvS- Revise L-1 for revision on 10.7.18
Maths- Do pg. 40
RMK- Read pages 9,10
Books- Maths, Palash , Computer , Sc Lab.
N.B.- Maths, Hindi, Drg
Note- Check Recapitulation Schedule and assessment syllabus from the website.

Eng- Learn c.w.
DD- Read pages 2,6
Maths- Revise number names, Before,after or in between, and Table of 2 for revision on 9.7.18.
Palash- Revise L-1,2 for revision on 9.7.18
Books- Maths. Cursive, RMK ,Tulip
N.B.- MAths, Drawing.
Note- Bring Bones and Muscles material from science kit tomorrow.

EvS-Learn C.W.and paste different forms of land in the note book
Hindi- Learn C.W. and do page 26
Art- Do page 12
Books- Mental maths, Dew drops, Plash, Cursive, G.K.
Note books- Maths, English

G.K.- Learn page 48
Maths- revise c.w.
Hindi- Read L-3 and draw cover page.
Eng- Learn c.w.
Books- Maths, Computer, Tulip, Palash , cursive,g.k
N.B.- EvS , Hindi 

EvS- Read  L-4 and draw picture of earth in the note book
Tulip- Do pages 21 and 23
Maths- Revise C.W.
Books- EvS, Tulip, Palash, Art
Note Books- English ,Maths
Note- Bring HHW tomorrow

Eng- Read L-3 and draw cover page in the N.B.
Maths- Learn c.w.
Books- Maths, Tulips,EvS,Vyakaran,GK,computer
N.B.- Maths
Note- Bring H.H.W. tomorrow.

English - Learn C.W
Books - Tulip , J Maths , G.K
N.B - Maths , Drawing
Note - 1) Holidays are from 14.5.18 to 1.7.18
               2) Check website for H.H.W
               3) Bring H.H.W on 2.7.18
                4) School reopens on 2.7.18

Maths- Revise c.w.
EvS- Revise c.w.
Books- RMK , DD , J.Maths
N.B.- Eng , Drg , Activity file 
Note- 1. Bring 1 photo of your mother.
          2. Bring activity material tomorrow.
          3. Bring colours & sketch pens.
          4. Favorite snack and frooti Party tomorrow.

Eng- Revise C.W.
Hindi- Revise C.W.
Maths- Revise C.W.
Books- Mental maths, Vyakran, Eng(G)
Note books- EvS, Maths
Note- Bring 6 cutouts of medium size circles of differnt colours (use origami sheet ), fevicol, one A-4 size pastel sheet, sketch pens  on saturday 12-5-18 for the mother's day activity

Eng Gr.- Read pg. 29
Vyakran- Read pg. 43
Eng- Revise C.W.
EvS-Revise C.W.
Books- Eng Gr.  Computer
N.B.- Eng , Hindi,Maths
Note- Cookies Party tomorrow 10.5.18

Eng Gr. - Read pg. 29
Vyakaran - Read pg. 40
Books- Eng Gr. , Nyakaran , DD , Drawing
N.B- Eng , EvS , Hindi
Note- Salad Party tomorrow 9.5.18. 

Maths- Revise c.w.
Eng - Learn c.w.
Books- Eng Gr. , Vyakaran  , Computer , DD
N.B - EvS , Maths 
Note- Corn Bhel Party tomorrow - 8.5.18

Vyakran -Revise page 53 and do page 54
English (g)-Learn page 27
Cursive- Do page 9
Books- Vyakran , Eng (G), Cursive
Note books- Eng , Maths

 Note- Bring material for party on:
Monday- 7.5.18- fruit chat party
Tuesday-8.5.18- corn bhel party
Wednesday-9.5.18-Salad party
Thursday-10.5.18-cookies party
Friday-11.5.18-sprouts party
Sturday-12.5.18- favourite snack with frooti/ lemonade

Vyakran- Read pages 51,52 nd do pg. 55
Computer- Read L 1
EvS- Learn c.w.
Books- vyakran ,English (G)
N.B.- Maths, Hindi , Eng

Maths- Revise C.W.
Eng Gr. - Do pg. 25- A  and read page 24
Cursive - Do pg. 8
Books- Eng Gr. , Vyakaran , M.M. , D.D.
N.B.- EvS , Maths

Vyakran- Do pg.21, complete page 20
Eng Gr. - Read pg. 23
Books- EvS, Eng Gr. M, G.K
N.B.- Eng , Maths
Cursive - Do page 7

EvS- Read L-3
Maths- Learn counting 101 to 300
Vyakaran- Read page 18
Books-Eng(G),Vyakaran, Cursive
Note books- Maths, English
Note- Bring one passport size photograph on Tuesday
          2.Monday is off due to Buddh purnima

Eng- Revise C.W.
Cursive - Do page 6
Dew drops- Read  page 6
Books- RMK, EvS, Eng ( Gr)
Note Book- Drawing

Eng (G)- Do page 10
E.V.S - Learn C.W
Hindi - Learn C.W
Books - Plash , Mental Maths ,  Cursive , G.K
N.B - English, EvS

Hindi- Learn c.w.
Eng- Learn c.w.
Eng Gr. - Read pg. 9
Books- M.M. , D.D. , Eng Gr., G.K.
N.B.- EvS , Hindi

Maths- Do pg.24
EvS.- Revise c.w.
Cursive - Complete pg.1
Books- Art
N.B.- Hindi , EvS

J.Maths- Complete pg. 23
Palash- Do pg. 19
Hindi- Revise c.w.
Books- DD, Maths, Eng Cursive
N.B- EvS

Vyakaran- Read pg. 17
RMK- Do pg. 8
Books- Maths, Palash, DD
N.B.- Eng , Hindi , Drg.

Tulip- Read L-2 and draw cover page.
Maths- Revise c.w
EvS- Learn c.w.
Books- EvS., M.M. , Palash, tulip,g.k
N.B.- Eng 
Note- Bring Acess Cards tomorrow.

Maths- Learn c.w. and do pg. 16,17
Maths- Revise c.w
Books- EvS., M.M. , Palash
N.B.- Maths, EvS
Note- Bring Crayons

Vyakran - Read pages - 11 and 12.
Eng Grammar - Do page - 6.
Ev.S. - Read L-2.
Books  - Vyakran , Eng Grammar 
Notebooks - English and Maths, Drawing

Computer- Do Q.1  page 13 and read page 6,7
Eng Gr. - Do pg. 4 and complete page 3
Hindi- Learn c.w.
Books- EvS.,  J.Maths  , Computer
N.B. - Eng , Maths.

Maths - Do page -10,11
Maths-Revise C.W.
Books -  English Grammar ,Computer and Junior Maths.
Note books- Hindi and Maths.
Note- 1. Tomorrow is off on account of " Ambedkar Jayanti "
          2. Write a slogan on A3 sheet and bring it Monday. Topic - Cleanliness.
          3. Fill Access Cards with black marker and bring it on Monday.


Maths-Revise C.W
EvS-Revise C.W.
Eng Grammar - Learn page -  2,59.
Books - DD, M.Maths and Vyakran.
Note books - Maths.

English  Learn C.W.
Hindi  Revise C.w.
Vyakaran Lean page 8
Books-  Eng Grammar , Dew Drops and M. Maths.
Notebooks - Maths , Ev.S.  and Drawing

Maths- Do pg. 4
EvS- Learn c.w.
Hindi- Read L-1
Books- Art, G.K. , J. Maths
N.B.- Eng , Hindi
Note- Trim your nails.

Palash- Do pg. 14
Maths- Revise c.w.
Eng- Learn c.w.
Books- Tulip(E) , J.Maths,G.K. , Computer
N.B.-EvS, Maths
Note- Bring Table Mat daily.

English- Revise C.W.
Hindi (RMK) - Read L-1.
Dew Drops- Read page -3 & 4.
Ev.S. - Draw a family tree in the notebook.
Books- Mental Maths, Hindi Palash, Junior Maths.
Notebooks- English and Maths 
Note- Laminate the table mat and bring it on Monday.

Eng Tulip - Read L-1 and draw a cover page in notebook.
Ev.S. -Learn pages -3 and 4.
Hindi - Learn word meanings of L-1.
Books - Dew Drops ,Hindi Palash ,  Hindi (Rangmanch ki kahaaniyan)
N.B. - English.

Hindi-Read L-1 and draw cover page
Maths- Do Q.4 of page 2 
EvS- Revise C.W.
Books- EvS, English(tulip), Maths
Note Books-Hindi, Drawing
Note-1.Bring crayons
2.Bring one yellow A-4 sheet, sketch pens,5 pictures of fruits,fevicol for activity on saturday 7.4.18

EvS-Read  L-1
Maths-Revise C.W.
G.K.- Read page 12
Books-J.Mahs, Dew Drops, Hindi (palash), EvS
Noe Book- EvS
Maths - Revise C.W. and do page - 1 (Q.2.)
Vyakran - Read pages - 5 and 6.
Books - G.K. , Ev.S. and Eng Grammar.
Note book - Maths.
Note -Kindly fill the Almanac pages 3 to 6.

NOTE - 1. Bring Almanac daily.
2. Label all books and note books.
3.Bring 2 pencils , eraser , sharpner , purple pencil colour , spoon, fork, paper soap and hanky daily.
4. Keep all the books and notebooks at home and bring according to daily diary.
5. Kindly fill the Almanac pages 3 to 6.
Books for tomorrow - Vyakran , J.Maths and Art.
Note books - Maths.
Note - Bring Crayons.