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Maths- Learn  tables 6 to 10
Art - Do activity on page 26,27
Books- Palash, J.Maths,  computer
Note books- Maths, Hindi

NOTE- Bring activity material of non -fire cooking and poster making and Almanac tomorrow.

Maths- Learn C.W.
English- Revise C.W.
Books- Palash, RMK,  computer
Note books- Maths, Hindi
Notes-1.Non Fire Activity Salad Sticks-on Saturday 18.8.18.
  Kindly bring the material according to your roll numbers
  Roll no. 1  - 10     - Diced cucumber
  Roll no. 11- 20     - Diced paneer
  Roll no. 21- 30     - Diced carrot
  Roll no. 31- 34     - Diced tomato.
Everyone will bring apron,chef cap,polythene gloves,5 paper napkins,5 paper plates,a small pouch of 
 chaat masala, 5 tooth picks ,1 frooti , peeled pomegranate , 2 plastic spoons.
2.Poster Making Activity-on Saturday 18.8.18.
   Bring one yellow A4 size sheet, coloured tape, sketch pens, black bold marker, 5 cut out of blue drops
  of water medium size, double sided tape, crayons.
3.English Story Narration Competition on 25.8.18 Saturday.

Hindi- Read L-6 and draw cover page.
Eng - Learn c.w.
Maths- Do pg. 76
Palash- Do page 43
Books- Maths, Eng(G), Drawing file
NB- Maths, Eng

English- Learn C.W. and revise for dictation of L-3
EvS- Learn C.W.
Books- Palash,j.maths,G.K
Note books-Hindi, English

Eng Gr- Read pg. 44
EvS- Read L-8 and make a collage of different seasons in the N.B.
Hindi- Learn word bank of L- 2 for Dictation on 13.8.18
Eng- Learn word bank of L- 3 for Dictation on 14.8.18
Books- Palash, Eng Gr., computer, Maths
N.B.- Eng, EvS, Hindi
        NOTE- Tomorrow is off on account of Second Saturday.

Maths- Do page 71
EvS -Read L-8
Eng- Revise C.W
Hindi- Revise C.W
Books-EvS, Mental maths, Eng (Gr),  j.maths
Note books- English , Hindi

J.Maths- Do page 63
EvS- Revise C.W.
Books- J.Maths, Art,E vS
Note books- English, Hindi,drawing file and pencil colours

Maths- Do pg.61
EvS- Read L-6
Books- Maths, Cursive
N.B.- Hindi, EvS, Maths
Note- Bring activity material tomorrow.

Maths- Do page. 59
EvS- Learn c.w.
Books-  Maths, Palash.
N.B.- Eng , Maths
Note- 1. Bring 1 big square cut out, 1 small triangle cut out of white pastel 
         sheet, 1 blue circle cut out for chakra, 1 metre tricolour ribbon,
         5 earbuds, fevicol, poster colours of - orange, white, blue, green 
         colour,for activity on Wednesday 8.8.18.

Computer- Revise for assessment on Monday 6.8.18
Books- Tulips, Palash , GK, Maths
N.B- Eng , Maths, EvS

Computer- Revise L-1,2
Tlips- Do page 32
Palash- Complete pg. 36
Books- Tulips, RMK , Mental maths
NB- Eng, Maths
Note- Bring Activity material tomorrow.

Hindi- Revise for assessment on 3.8.18
Books- Maths, Tulip ,EvS, Computer.
N.B- Maths
Note- Bring one black A4 sheet, small silver star stickers,a small silver 
      moon shape cut out, crayons,fevicol for activity on Saturday 4.8.18.

Eng- Read L-5 and draw cover page.
Vyakran- Do Q2 of pg.103
Books- Vyakran, Tulips,cursive,Mental maths
N.B.- Eng , Drg

Maths- Revise for assessment
Books- Palash, Tulip, J.Maths
Note books- English, Hindi

Maths- Revise C.W
Hindi- Read L-5 and draw cover page.
Bookd- Palash, Maths,Dew drops
N.B.- EvS, Maths

Eng - Revise for Assessment on 30.7.18
Maths- Do pg. 57
Palash- Do pg.30
Books- Tulips, Maths, Cursive, Computer 
NB- Maths, EvS
Note- 1. PTM Tomorrow.
      2. Bring Acsess Cards for PTM tomorrow.

EvS- Revise for the assessment tomorrow
Books- J.Maths,Computer, Plash
Note book- EvS
Note- General Parent Teacher Meeting will be on Saturday 28.7.18.Kindly follow the given time slot for the smooth functioning.

Hindi- Read L-4 and draw cover page and complete page 30 of plash book.
Eng- Learn c.w.
Maths-  learn c.w.
Books- Maths,EvS
NB- Maths, EvS, Hindi, Drg.

G.K.- Revise for assessment
EvS-Read L-5
Books- plash,dew drops,EvS
Note books-maths,english

Maths- Revise word problem and ascending and descending order.
Eng- Read L-4 and draw cover page.
Maths- Do pg. 55
Books- Tulips, EvS, Maths, GK
NB- Eng, Maths

Eng gr-Revise singular and plural and use of a or an
Hindi-Revise sangya
J.Maths-Do page 53
Books- Maths,tulip,computer
Note books- Eng, hindi ,maths
Note-Check website for G.K and computer revision worksheet

G.K.- Learn Pages 20,43,44,47,48 for oral revision on 21.7.18
Maths- Revise Table of 4,5 for revision on on 21.7.18
Eng- Revise L-3 and is,am,are for revision on 21.7.18
Maths- Do Q5,6,7 of pg.50.
Computer - Revise L-1.
Books- Maths, Art, Computer,GK
NB- Eng, Hindi, Maths
Note- 1.Bring material of pg. 24 ART and fevicol tomorrow.
          2.Bring one towel , swimming costume, a set of under garments and 
             one polybag for Pool Party Tomorrow. 

Hindi - Revise Month's Name and Day's Name for revision on 20.7.18.
EvS- Revise L-4 for revision on 20.7.18.
Eng Gr. - Learn Pages 33,34
Are - Do page 17
Books- Computer, Dew drops ,Cursive
NB- Hindi , EvS , Eng.
Note- Kindly Check Yearly Syallabus from the website.

Eng - Revise Nouns and CR- Animal for revision on 19.7.18
Maths- Revise Comparision - Put Sign for revision on 19.7.18. 
J.Maths- Do page 51
Eng Gr. - Read pages 31,32
DD- Read page 17
Books- Maths, Eng Gr., Art
NB- Eng , Hindi , Maths

Palash- Revise L-3 for revision on 18.7.18
EvS- Revise L-3 for revision on 18.7.18
Eng Gr. - Revise c.w 
Vyakaran - Do pg. 25
Books- Maths, Eng Gr., Vyakran , DD , Cursive
NB- Eng , Hindi , Maths , EvS, Drg.

Maths- Revise place value for revision on 17.7.18
Eng- Revise L-2 for revision on 17.7.18.
Eng Gr. - Read pg. 17
Vyakaran- Read Pg. 22
Books-Maths,Eng Gr.,Vyakaran , G.K.
N.B.- Eng , Hindi , Maths , EvS.

Hindi- Learn vilom shabd and CR- Janvar for revision on 16.7.18
Maths- Learn table oF 3 for revision on 16.7.18
Eng. Gr. - Learn pg. 11
Hindi - Learn c.w.
DD- Read pg. 15
Books- DD, art,maths, grammar,MM
N.B.- Eng, Hindi, EvS , Maths
Note- Tomorrow 14.7.18 is off on account of Second Saturday. 

Maths- Revise expanded and short form
English-Revise L-1 and punctuation
G.K- Revise pages-13,14,58,59,60 for revision on 13.7.18
Books- Grammar, j.maths.G.K.
N.Books-    English, hindi, maths ,drawing
J.Maths- Do page 48
EvS- Draw and colour globe in the n.book
Grammar- Read pages 11, 12

Hindi- Revise vachan badlo
EvS- Revise-L-2
J.Maths- Do page 47
N.Books- English, Hindi ,Maths, EvS, Drawing file
Books- Computer, J.maths, Grammar, G.K.
Note- Bring crayons

Maths- Revise Subtraction with borrow.
Eng - Revise Alphabetical Order.
Maths- Do pg. 42,43
Books- Maths, Art
N.B.- Eng, Hindi , Maths, EvS
Note- 1. Check Dates for assessment 1 from Website.
      2. Prepare your ward for Drawing Competition on Thursday 12.7.18.
         Theme - Indian Soldiers. 
         Bring Colours and black sketch pen.

Maths- Revise Addition for revision on 10.7.18
EvS- Revise L-1 for revision on 10.7.18
Maths- Do pg. 45
Books- GK , DD, Maths, Tulip
N.B.- Hindi , Eng , Evs , Maths.

Sc.Lab- Read pages 2,3
EvS- Revise L-1 for revision on 10.7.18
Maths- Do pg. 40
RMK- Read pages 9,10
Books- Maths, Palash , Computer , Sc Lab.
N.B.- Maths, Hindi, Drg
Note- Check Recapitulation Schedule and assessment syllabus from the website.

Eng- Learn c.w.
DD- Read pages 2,6
Maths- Revise number names, Before,after or in between, and Table of 2 for revision on 9.7.18.
Palash- Revise L-1,2 for revision on 9.7.18
Books- Maths. Cursive, RMK ,Tulip
N.B.- MAths, Drawing.
Note- Bring Bones and Muscles material from science kit tomorrow.

EvS-Learn C.W.and paste different forms of land in the note book
Hindi- Learn C.W. and do page 26
Art- Do page 12
Books- Mental maths, Dew drops, Plash, Cursive, G.K.
Note books- Maths, English

G.K.- Learn page 48
Maths- revise c.w.
Hindi- Read L-3 and draw cover page.
Eng- Learn c.w.
Books- Maths, Computer, Tulip, Palash , cursive,g.k
N.B.- EvS , Hindi 

EvS- Read  L-4 and draw picture of earth in the note book
Tulip- Do pages 21 and 23
Maths- Revise C.W.
Books- EvS, Tulip, Palash, Art
Note Books- English ,Maths
Note- Bring HHW tomorrow

Eng- Read L-3 and draw cover page in the N.B.
Maths- Learn c.w.
Books- Maths, Tulips,EvS,Vyakaran,GK,computer
N.B.- Maths
Note- Bring H.H.W. tomorrow.

English - Learn C.W
Books - Tulip , J Maths , G.K
N.B - Maths , Drawing
Note - 1) Holidays are from 14.5.18 to 1.7.18
               2) Check website for H.H.W
               3) Bring H.H.W on 2.7.18
                4) School reopens on 2.7.18

Maths- Revise c.w.
EvS- Revise c.w.
Books- RMK , DD , J.Maths
N.B.- Eng , Drg , Activity file 
Note- 1. Bring 1 photo of your mother.
          2. Bring activity material tomorrow.
          3. Bring colours & sketch pens.
          4. Favorite snack and frooti Party tomorrow.

Eng- Revise C.W.
Hindi- Revise C.W.
Maths- Revise C.W.
Books- Mental maths, Vyakran, Eng(G)
Note books- EvS, Maths
Note- Bring 6 cutouts of medium size circles of differnt colours (use origami sheet ), fevicol, one A-4 size pastel sheet, sketch pens  on saturday 12-5-18 for the mother's day activity

Eng Gr.- Read pg. 29
Vyakran- Read pg. 43
Eng- Revise C.W.
EvS-Revise C.W.
Books- Eng Gr.  Computer
N.B.- Eng , Hindi,Maths
Note- Cookies Party tomorrow 10.5.18

Eng Gr. - Read pg. 29
Vyakaran - Read pg. 40
Books- Eng Gr. , Nyakaran , DD , Drawing
N.B- Eng , EvS , Hindi
Note- Salad Party tomorrow 9.5.18. 

Maths- Revise c.w.
Eng - Learn c.w.
Books- Eng Gr. , Vyakaran  , Computer , DD
N.B - EvS , Maths 
Note- Corn Bhel Party tomorrow - 8.5.18

Vyakran -Revise page 53 and do page 54
English (g)-Learn page 27
Cursive- Do page 9
Books- Vyakran , Eng (G), Cursive
Note books- Eng , Maths

 Note- Bring material for party on:
Monday- 7.5.18- fruit chat party
Tuesday-8.5.18- corn bhel party
Wednesday-9.5.18-Salad party
Thursday-10.5.18-cookies party
Friday-11.5.18-sprouts party
Sturday-12.5.18- favourite snack with frooti/ lemonade

Vyakran- Read pages 51,52 nd do pg. 55
Computer- Read L 1
EvS- Learn c.w.
Books- vyakran ,English (G)
N.B.- Maths, Hindi , Eng

Maths- Revise C.W.
Eng Gr. - Do pg. 25- A  and read page 24
Cursive - Do pg. 8
Books- Eng Gr. , Vyakaran , M.M. , D.D.
N.B.- EvS , Maths

Vyakran- Do pg.21, complete page 20
Eng Gr. - Read pg. 23
Books- EvS, Eng Gr. M, G.K
N.B.- Eng , Maths
Cursive - Do page 7

EvS- Read L-3
Maths- Learn counting 101 to 300
Vyakaran- Read page 18
Books-Eng(G),Vyakaran, Cursive
Note books- Maths, English
Note- Bring one passport size photograph on Tuesday
          2.Monday is off due to Buddh purnima

Eng- Revise C.W.
Cursive - Do page 6
Dew drops- Read  page 6
Books- RMK, EvS, Eng ( Gr)
Note Book- Drawing

Eng (G)- Do page 10
E.V.S - Learn C.W
Hindi - Learn C.W
Books - Plash , Mental Maths ,  Cursive , G.K
N.B - English, EvS

Hindi- Learn c.w.
Eng- Learn c.w.
Eng Gr. - Read pg. 9
Books- M.M. , D.D. , Eng Gr., G.K.
N.B.- EvS , Hindi

Maths- Do pg.24
EvS.- Revise c.w.
Cursive - Complete pg.1
Books- Art
N.B.- Hindi , EvS

J.Maths- Complete pg. 23
Palash- Do pg. 19
Hindi- Revise c.w.
Books- DD, Maths, Eng Cursive
N.B- EvS

Vyakaran- Read pg. 17
RMK- Do pg. 8
Books- Maths, Palash, DD
N.B.- Eng , Hindi , Drg.

Tulip- Read L-2 and draw cover page.
Maths- Revise c.w
EvS- Learn c.w.
Books- EvS., M.M. , Palash, tulip,g.k
N.B.- Eng 
Note- Bring Acess Cards tomorrow.

Maths- Learn c.w. and do pg. 16,17
Maths- Revise c.w
Books- EvS., M.M. , Palash
N.B.- Maths, EvS
Note- Bring Crayons

Vyakran - Read pages - 11 and 12.
Eng Grammar - Do page - 6.
Ev.S. - Read L-2.
Books  - Vyakran , Eng Grammar 
Notebooks - English and Maths, Drawing

Computer- Do Q.1  page 13 and read page 6,7
Eng Gr. - Do pg. 4 and complete page 3
Hindi- Learn c.w.
Books- EvS.,  J.Maths  , Computer
N.B. - Eng , Maths.

Maths - Do page -10,11
Maths-Revise C.W.
Books -  English Grammar ,Computer and Junior Maths.
Note books- Hindi and Maths.
Note- 1. Tomorrow is off on account of " Ambedkar Jayanti "
          2. Write a slogan on A3 sheet and bring it Monday. Topic - Cleanliness.
          3. Fill Access Cards with black marker and bring it on Monday.


Maths-Revise C.W
EvS-Revise C.W.
Eng Grammar - Learn page -  2,59.
Books - DD, M.Maths and Vyakran.
Note books - Maths.

English  Learn C.W.
Hindi  Revise C.w.
Vyakaran Lean page 8
Books-  Eng Grammar , Dew Drops and M. Maths.
Notebooks - Maths , Ev.S.  and Drawing

Maths- Do pg. 4
EvS- Learn c.w.
Hindi- Read L-1
Books- Art, G.K. , J. Maths
N.B.- Eng , Hindi
Note- Trim your nails.

Palash- Do pg. 14
Maths- Revise c.w.
Eng- Learn c.w.
Books- Tulip(E) , J.Maths,G.K. , Computer
N.B.-EvS, Maths
Note- Bring Table Mat daily.

English- Revise C.W.
Hindi (RMK) - Read L-1.
Dew Drops- Read page -3 & 4.
Ev.S. - Draw a family tree in the notebook.
Books- Mental Maths, Hindi Palash, Junior Maths.
Notebooks- English and Maths 
Note- Laminate the table mat and bring it on Monday.

Eng Tulip - Read L-1 and draw a cover page in notebook.
Ev.S. -Learn pages -3 and 4.
Hindi - Learn word meanings of L-1.
Books - Dew Drops ,Hindi Palash ,  Hindi (Rangmanch ki kahaaniyan)
N.B. - English.

Hindi-Read L-1 and draw cover page
Maths- Do Q.4 of page 2 
EvS- Revise C.W.
Books- EvS, English(tulip), Maths
Note Books-Hindi, Drawing
Note-1.Bring crayons
2.Bring one yellow A-4 sheet, sketch pens,5 pictures of fruits,fevicol for activity on saturday 7.4.18

EvS-Read  L-1
Maths-Revise C.W.
G.K.- Read page 12
Books-J.Mahs, Dew Drops, Hindi (palash), EvS
Noe Book- EvS
Maths - Revise C.W. and do page - 1 (Q.2.)
Vyakran - Read pages - 5 and 6.
Books - G.K. , Ev.S. and Eng Grammar.
Note book - Maths.
Note -Kindly fill the Almanac pages 3 to 6.

NOTE - 1. Bring Almanac daily.
2. Label all books and note books.
3.Bring 2 pencils , eraser , sharpner , purple pencil colour , spoon, fork, paper soap and hanky daily.
4. Keep all the books and notebooks at home and bring according to daily diary.
5. Kindly fill the Almanac pages 3 to 6.
Books for tomorrow - Vyakran , J.Maths and Art.
Note books - Maths.
Note - Bring Crayons.